There are college romances, thrillers,  crime episodes and so much more.  However, rarely do writers attempt to weave a story around addiction, be it of any kind. The reality remains that there are various kinds of addiction that have gripped the society and more than the addict reaching out for help,  people near and around him/her need to keep a close watch on how far the addiction might take the patient.

This story revolves around Siddharth, the things he is addicted to and how this addiction takes over him completely. A guy, who would come across as a regular young college or working person and seemingly harmless actually has a side to his personality that only he's aware of.  And while trying to get rid of the addictions, he only delves deeper in its folds further ruining himself and his life. As a reader progresses with the story,  they get hints from the writer, subtle and easily overlooked, of what our protagonist is actually going through or suffering from. And slowly as the end approaches, the reality breaks through and pieces together.

The plot is relatively fresher than the other novels flooding the markets currently. This one is more like a psychological thriller once you complete it. In fact, so much that you read in one chapter starts making sense as the next chapter approaches. The characters seem real and kind of those people you meet in your day to day life,  nothing different or extraordinary, yet with something brewing inside each of them.

However, the essence of the novel is addiction and the failure to diagnose the extent it may affect someone's life and personality. The writer has done justice to this and the story line brings this out rather beautifully. No threads are left loose and each character blends in with the plot.

Overall, it makes for a good read, fast and refreshing, leaving an imprint in your mind long after you've finished reading it!
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