So, this time again, I have been away for longer than usual. However, the reason behind it is a beautiful one... rather a very cuddly and adorable one :)

Here goes....

We were blessed with the most gorgeous son last December. And life has completely changed since then. It's almost 4 months now and I am reveling in each moment of this new phase. Needless to say, motherhood has certainly transformed me. I now live in the moment, trying to do the best I can for my little one. Every decision and every job has me thinking about him first. In short, life is truly beautiful :)

This new phase continues to teach me something new every day, whether it was about taking care of myself during pregnancy or looking after my little one now. And this has inspired me to start a new blog.

No, it wouldn't be about motherhood and all the gyan. It would be something this new Maa would like to write and share, sometimes about herself and at other times, about her little bundle of joy. It would be about things I read and those that I learn from other mothers. Above everything, it would be about every little joy and happiness that my son has bestowed on me and the blessings that the Almighty has showered us.

Blogdosts, you have been with me through these years, and shared every moment of joy or sorrow through this blog and your lovely comments. Would love to have you in my new space and hear from you as I share my experiences.

See you there...:)

P.S: A silent and solemn promise to myself to update this space a little more often too :)

Take care and stay precious.

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3 Responses
  1. Renu Says:

    congratulations Neha ! and god bless your little one!

  2. Ranu Says:


  3. StephieAnne Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Heading over to the new blog right now!!