I'd hate the year to end with no post in this space. Though I have been thinking for months to pen down something, but time and circumstances just wouldn't allow. The readership has almost dried up, while my blog friends have also stopped asking when I'd write next. This is what happens when you ignore your blog for so long. And of course, I am to blame for it.

2013 has had its highs and lows. On one hand, it gave us a major blow on the personal front and on the other, I paved a new path on the work front. With another month left before the curtains finally fall, life is all set to take a new turn.

This year gave us a setback when we lost our father. He had been suffering for long and it had been even harder towards the end. Losing a parent is one of the most difficult things in life and especially when you have lost another one years ago. Yet, you have to let go. Death is indeed the most harsh truth of life, one thing that you cannot turn away from. It instills a fear in you, a fear of the unknown and the uncertainly of life itself. Things appear from a different perspective altogether and you begin analyzing and assessing every relationship in life.

It's certainly difficult, but then we had to move on. No one ever gets any other choice, do we?

To say I didn't miss blogging would be incorrect. I haven't written for months, something I have missed a lot. In fact, I have been so close to writing and content all this while and yet not written a word! There are plenty of drafts sitting in there to be completed and a great number of post ideas that seem to appear and disappear simultaneously. However, the one thing missing is that extra effort from my end to actually sit down and write! Any tips for that?

Writing is one thing that has always given me solace and I yearn to get back to it. It helps me get sorted; and tonight, as I type this, I can feel a new gush of energy within me. Yes, I need to get back to it, to writing, to blogging, to you all. And I will now.

Leaving tonight on this note, with a promise to myself that I will write more before the year ends. The posts will get better is another promise and you'd soon find the same old Neha back to where she belongs - writing & blogging :)

Till then, take care and stay precious.

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