So, how long has it been since I was here last? It might have been a lifetime since I logged in here, and yet all I have been doing all this time has actually been only 'writing'! Just that it's now for others, rather than my blog here. More on that some time later.

The coming week is special for two reasons. First, my doc and I complete a year of marriage next Monday; and second, my younger sister is getting married next Friday . While, the date of her marriage is fast approaching, the fact remains that the very thought of my marriage has still not sunk into me! And believe me, whenever I say that eyes do go rolling, so it's okay if your reaction is the same too.

Yes, we will be completing a year of marriage in a few days. Even now, when I look at our wedding pictures, it seems like it was just yesterday. Yes, marriage does bring in changes and the ones based on mutual love and trust bring positive ones. And of course, life has changed since, though now it seems like I'd always been living this life. It's like something that always existed somewhere in my subconsciousness. May be it's those years of friendship and love we shared and the immense trust and faith we have always had in each other that makes it feel like it has been there for ever.

Like most girls, I too feared this institution. Today, as I look back at the past year, I realize what I would have missed had I given in to that fear of mine. For life cannot be more beautiful and every life that I get after this, I'd want to spend it with no other, but him. Sounds dramatic? I know, yet I know not how to express in any other way :)

Pushkar, there's no way I can ever thank you for making me a part of your life and most importantly, for loving me. You have given me all that I could ever dream of and there's nothing I can ask for more. Each moment spent with you reaffirms my faith in myself. And with every passing day, I look forward to a new one, as with you, life is simply and truly beautiful. You are, indeed, the answer to all my prayers. And if the concept of rebirth holds true, I pray that I share each of my lifetimes with you, my soul-mate. Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart!!

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