I wonder if there is still anyone around to read this. No, I am not complaining. The long periods of my absence from this space deserves just that. Every time I promise to you and myself to be regular and every time I break it.

The last one month has been grueling. I will share details later. Just that it was one of my worst nightmares coming true. Ankit (my younger brother) had a freak accident. The days that followed seem like a dream, a bad one.

It's over now. And I have so much to thank the power above; for being with him, saving him from what could have been worse, blessing him.

He is on the road to recovery now. I am glad that he radiates the same optimism and positive attitude that he always had. Now, he is working hard with his physiotherapist to get the movement back in his left arm.

After being with him every minute during the last month, when he left last week, I felt a part of me was leaving. But I was also happy, very happy; happy that he felt and looked better; happy that the most difficult phase was over; happy that he was getting back to normal life after being bedridden for a month.

It's strange how much we crib about the monotony in life and how much we miss it in times of chaos and stress.

So, life is slowly returning to normalcy. In a few hours from now, I step into another year of my life.

As I write this, too many thoughts seem to be racing in my mind, all striving for attention. It's difficult to express them in words. Yes, I know. As a writer, this should be an easy task; however, it only seems too daunting.

The last one year changed my life completely. It's given me my love, a very loving family and a whole new life. A life I always dreamed and longed for.

I know it's all for some one's blessing who's looking from above and smiling. How I wish I could hug him for just one time and tell him how everything that he wished for me has come true.

I don't like celebrating birthdays. It might sound strange, but I have always preferred to spend it like any other day. Friends and loved ones have always tried to coax me out of this, but to no avail. I have gone out for lunch and dinner with them, but more for their happiness than my own.

Being by myself is all that I want. This day brings back many memories that I relive every year. This is one day I have always wanted to keep to myself.

Birthdays are to be celebrated and I have every reason to celebrate tomorrow. I am not sure if I want to do that yet. It will take time, rather years.

Yet, I am thankful, very thankful.

For a life partner who is everything I could ever wish or ask for.

For every single person I am blessed with in this life.

For every person who loves and cares for me unconditionally.

For this beautiful life I don't know if I deserve.

And all the beautiful people around me who make it even more beautiful every day.

I feel blessed and every time I close my eyes in a prayer, the first words that escape my lips are of gratitude.

And a resolve to do all I can for every person in my life. I may not always have the resources to help, but will always have the heart and keenness to be with them in all times, good and bad.

Thank You, The Supreme Power Above. Thank You for everything.

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