Before you leash out on my absence, please blame it on my exams. Having quit my job, I felt obliged to study every possible hour and so the neglect to my space here.

Now that exams are done and over with, I can get back to good old blogging and lots of reading. It's been more than 2 months since I picked a book to read! Oh... and did I tell you that it's now just a wait for my next degree? I have cleared all the exams and the degree should be arriving by July. So, that is another chapter closed... well almost. The last being a full time job.

When I decided to quit my job, everyone around me was startled. And I will be honest enough to say that my decision surprised me too, to some extent. But it was a much thought-and-discussed decision and a much needed one too, due to many reasons. Of course, everyone asked why I was quitting a good profile-well paying job. I had been at it for almost eight years and that is a long time!

When I first appeared for a job interview conducted by a placement agency, I had no clue where I was heading. In fact, I had no intention to give the interview either. It was at the behest of my college friends who went to a closed cyber cafe, got it opened and typed out a CV for me. A simple summary of my educational details and hobbies that they had written on a piece of paper took the form of my first CV.

I sat for the interview, without informing anyone at home. And as the interview progressed, I found myself enjoying them and had that heady feeling you get after clearing interview rounds. It was new. It was exhilarating.

I remember calling up my cousin in between to plan the dinner menu for the next day (it was rakshabandhan the next day) and then lying to my grandfather about having some extra classes in college. (Read on, the lie didn't stick for too long.)

Yes, I couldn't have told my family about the interview. If you know a typical Indian business class family, you'd understand where I am coming from. All my cousins (sisters) got married soon after completing their studies. They may have helped in the family business, but never too overtly. So doing a job was just out of the question.

And there I was, giving an interview for a job I sure didn't want or need. It was all happening too soon and before I knew it, I had cleared it. Though as soon as I left the college premises, I forgot all about it.

Until the next morning.

It was out in the newspapers!

It was the first time that a campus placement was done in our city and there were 6 out of some 350-odd candidates selected. My name was in that list.

My grandfather, who read the newspaper religiously every morning, bellowed out my name which startled me awake. Pointing to the newspaper, he asked me what that was all about? I had no answer.

And then started the mayhem, with both my father and grandfather blaming each other for the drastic step I had taken. I was both amused and frightened. After a lot of chaos and blame-game, it was decided that this matter would be closed then and there.

All went smooth until after a few months. I received a call from the consultancy telling me that companies were coming over for interviews. I gingerly told my grandfather about it. He didn't even bother to hear it out. Yes, that matter was closed for him. Totally.

However something had happened in between.

To me. Within me.

Seeing the other students depressed for not having made it, I realized how important it was for them and how trivial for me. And then I thought at the chance that may be destiny was trying to give me. To spread out my wings. To make my own mark.

That call cemented the fluttering thought within me. I, somehow, convinced my grandfather and assured him that I only wanted to test myself by appearing for the final interviews with the companies directly. He agreed to let me go.

"Just the interview," he said.

I appeared for three interviews and got offer letters from all of them. My family was stunned and I guess happy too. Even before I had appeared for my final year exams, I had three job letters in my hand.

So yes, I got a job without really looking for one. I appeared for interviews like I participated in competitions. It was another challenge for me, which I had to win. May be I was trying to prove a point to myself. I don't really know. In fact, I don't really remember.

That small effort by my friends of getting a CV typed out at a closed cyber cafe had changed my life.


Blogdosts, today I start a new series 'My Corporate Saga'. I will share my experiences, the challenges I faced, the achievements I accomplished, and the falls I suffered in my eight years of life as a working woman. It will highlight the problems a single girl faces in a new city and in a new job among strangers. It will also tell you how I managed to move along. The sweet and happy moments, the sour and frightening ones, all will be part of this series.

Along with this, there will be other new things happening in this space. Those that I had only been thinking about till now :).For now writing takes a front seat in my life... something I have waited for a long long time :)

See you all real soon. Till then, take care and stay precious :)

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15 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Welcome back. Congratulations on the new degree and wow that is quite an story about your job interview. Ansd gosh, three placements before the end of final year. Thta is mind blowing and wonderful.

    Looking forward to the new series. I have been working for 6 years, and I am sure, I would be able to relate to a lot of those posts.

  2. Sonia Says:

    Nice read Neha. Good Luck for results:) God Bless

  3. Congratulations for the completion..:) No complaints for not being around for long because you made up with this lovely post..:) Reminded me of my placement saga..!

  4. Haddock Says:

    I suppose when one is not desperate for it and looking forward for it (the job) then things work out in a different way.
    But as for your taking a break to appear for an exam...... well nothing wrong in that, but the word exam sends the jitters down my spine.
    I was so bad in appearing for exams that even now I have nightmares of it on a regular basis.

  5. You can write an autobiography! I will be the first person to read it. Do think seriously about it. You are a fabulous writer.

  6. Jack Says:


    Nice to see you back. What degree is it, share if you wish to? May you be lucky like this always. Looking forward to your posts as promised.

    Take care

  7. i hate the typical mentality that people have about getting the girls married off as soon as possible!
    I love the feeling after exams get over :) Well, who does not? :)
    Welcome back!

  8. I do, I do. Says:

    Nice read!

    Glad I came across this blog! :)

  9. Chintan Says:

    Hey Neha, I was away from blogging and struggling with another very bad attack of schizophrenia, paranoia, OCD and perhaps hundred other mental, emotional, physical issues. Hence, the absence from blogosphere, and on-off presence of my blog.

    I am feeling better now, I do not know what keeps me going and bringing me down however, people had started writing very hurtful comments on my sad abstract posts which were my means of fighting the war within. Finally. I am back :)

    I had even deleted my email ids. Google was kind enough to give my data back. It's no less than a rebirth so to speak...


  10. Jenn Says:

    That is impressive! What you wrote about the cultural family differences is fascinating. I'm curious to learn more. I can't wait to hear the rest!

  11. A Says:

    Inspiring post, Neha :) and nice blog! All the best.

  12. A Says:

    Inspiring post, Neha :) and nice blog! All the best.

  13. Rahul Bhatia Says:

    Neha, this post was an illustration of what a person can achieve if he/ she is strong willed!Wishing you the best for whatever you choose to do:)

  14. Rachit Says:

    I read the part 4 first.... then the 3rs... followed by 2 and now the first... you know how to play with words... you did played the trick well... I am all hooked to your blog now... waiting for other parts in the series... and you must try out searching rooms in Chandigarh... here's a stark opposite... boys find it really difficult to get a good accommodation. And, thanks for those motivating words at Weakest LINK!

    Rachit's Weakest Link

  15. Jayant Says:

    Reading the first part at 1:50 am does not augur well for an MBA student like me, but then, blogging and reading is all about listening to the heart, isn't it?

    Nice start to the saga and I'm sure I won't till the next day to read the remaining parts..
    and yes... CONGRATS, no matter how late it is!