I do not celebrate Mothers' Day.... or fathers' day for that matter. Neither do I celebrate Valentine's day nor any similar day.

So yesterday was just another Sunday for me with a cuppa tea and the bulky Sunday newspaper, which was full of Mothers' Day messages and advertisement. That made me wish the mothers I know - my cousins, friends, friends' mothers. One of my friends replied to my message reciprocating my wishes, which I laughed at and put aside. She later explained those wishes were in advance. I laughed a little more.

So, officially, Mothers' day started and ended for me there and a usual Sunday went on.

Around noon, my cell phone beeped indicating an incoming message. Thinking it to be a nasty marketing message, I ignored it for a while. It was almost over half an hour when I finally read it and instantly broke down.

Having rushed through it in the first go, I reread it slowly and carefully, in between wiping my tears and controlling hysterical sobs.

It was from my kid brother, wishing me on Mothers' day!

Now you know why I broke down.

A day that was meaningless to me suddenly became very special. A whole lot of memories rushed in and took over.

I was 12 when our mother passed away. I had to return from my boarding school to be with my kid brother who was about 5 then. My world had changed overnight. From being a carefree and spoilt daughter, I was now an elder sister supposed to take care of her siblings.

To say I managed things well would be a lie. I was lost... completely.

And there was this little boy looking up to me.

I didn't learn anything.

He taught me.

He taught me to be patient with children; he taught me how to love selflessly; he taught me how to be a mother.

I have rocked him to sleep, helped him with studies, fed him with my hands and ran after him while doing so, attended his parent-teacher meetings, packed his lunch box, got him ready for school every morning, dropped and picked him from school... I could go on and on.

The one incident that is forever marked in my memory is when he was about 10 or 12 years old. I had punished him for something and not allowed him to go for his evening playtime. Soon after, I left for some work.

When I returned, a neighbor came to me and told me that Ankit (my brother) was standing at the gate, watching other kids play. When she asked him to join them, he told her that I had punished him. She further coaxed him, saying that he could play and I wouldn't get to know. He refused and instead stood there all evening.

I was speechless.

And my brother is still the same.

There are so many other moments that make this bond so special and unique.

The day I bade goodbye to my family, post marriage, I had thought I wouldn't cry. Both my siblings said that everything will remain the same, except for my marital status. I would continue to live in Delhi and things will remain as they are. And moreover, I had thought that the happiness of marrying my sweetheart will engulf all other emotions.

I was proved wrong. Though all seemed normal while we walked towards the waiting car, I broke down when I saw Ankit at the gate. It was something I can never explain. A subtle change had taken place, which none of us foresaw.

Yet, even now, our relationship remains as beautiful as always and so it will, forever :)

(My younger sister, Shivani, me & Ankit)

Ankit, I may never be able to express it, but you mean a lot to me. In fact, both of you mean so much to me. As we grow up, our lives and its priorities change, but that one thing that will never change is the special bond and love between us. No distance, fights, or misunderstanding can diminish what we feel for each other.

I am not a mother yet, but I have a son. A son I hold dearer than life, a son who has taught me so much, and a son who will always be my first child.
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21 Responses
  1. Jenny Says:

    Neha this is such a heartfelt and warm most. I really admire you for being the mother to the 5 year old child. HAts off to you and your family. I never knew about your loss at such a young age. I admire your courage and strength. Happy mothers day to you.

  2. zainab Says:

    aww thats too touchy ! its true that no matter how much we , siblings, fight with each other that bond will always be there ... n i am happy that my msg made u laugh at least :)

  3. Sarika Says:

    You brought tears into my eyes. I adore the feeling that you have for Ankit. Shivani and Ankit are very lucky to have a sister like you Neha. And you will prove to be great mother as well. God bless.

  4. Renu Says:

    its such a touchy post....

    I also dont care for any of these days..

    But I like people like you who are good in real life, who rise to the occasion.

  5. Rahul Bhatia Says:

    Very touching post, Neha! Wishing you happiness from all your loved ones:)

  6. Sonia Says:

    Very touching post Neha.. I am proud of u:) Belated happy mothers day to u and ur little kid:) Both of u Stay blessed dear..

  7. Jenn Says:

    Beautifully written. This has me crying still. Thank you for sharing your heart and your family with us.

  8. Neha Says:

    kya yaar, rula diya na! :) I don't have anything else to add here.

  9. Zeba Says:

    This was heartwarming as well as heartwrenching. In a beautiful way. Hug.

  10. StephieAnne Says:

    That is so beautiful, Neha! The sentiments from him to you and your words expressing what he means to you. Thank you for sharing!!!

  11. One of your superb writings. The warmth of the love expressed touches the heart and reaches out through tears in eyes..!Got to see a different side of yours.

  12. RiĆ  Says:

    That was such a heartfelt and true post. *hugs*

  13. Jack Says:


    Very heart moving. It made my eyes moist. May God always keep you all in the same happy bond.

    Take care

  14. Subhajyoti Says:

    Neha it was truly touching, and one of your bestest writings. I am at a loss of words, in times of pain u rose to the occasion and gave that smile and strength to Ankit which he required so badly. Hats off

  15. Hi Neha,

    I always felt blogging isn't just about creativity. Its about your experiences and thoughts heart felt by you.
    I felt connected with you when I read your post.

    And that, I think is the best compliment I could give to you as a writer.


  16. This was ONE of the most touching things I've ever read, and I loved getting to know you that much better. What a role model you are!

  17. Melissa G. Says:

    Oh my goodness Neha, wow. Your post made me cry. I admire your courage and strength as well. First your mother and then you did an amazing job raising you children. I wish i could learn more from you as i raise my boys.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    That was one lovely post. True, to be a mother you need not give birth to a child. It comes from the heart. May your love remain the same always. :)

  19. sachin...... Says:

    very touching and very beauty-fully written... i can understand what you have gave through ...wish you all the happiness in life...