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One of the many things we enjoy together is watching movies. We are one movie crazy couple and there's rarely any big release that we miss. In fact, my doc already has a to-watch list of movies releasing this year. Yeah, that's how big movie buffs we are.

So while movies do make up a big part of our entertainment, the only thing I need while watching a movie is... POPCORN!!!

It's very simple. I need a bag of popcorn to enjoy a good movie with and I need a bag of popcorn to tolerate a nonsensical movie!

Each time we go for a movie, I ensure a less hearty meal for myself lest I have no appetite for popcorn. Yes, it's like that with me. My doc only smiles when I rush to the popcorn counter to get a bag before a movie begins. No, I can never wait for the interval.

So this time, it was the same. While he went and took our seats, I rushed to get popcorn for myself. And of course, there's always a diet Coke or a coffee for my doc on the tray I carry inside the theater.

As the movie rolled, I got busy munching my popcorn and occasionally offered it to my doc, which he refused politely each time.

At one point, I tried to coerce him into having some popcorn. And this time, he raised his hand and stated, "It is not that I don't want to eat popcorn or I don't like it, It's that I DISLIKE popcorn."

I stared at him in disbelief. Instantly, I withdrew the popcorn tub, happy that I had it all to myself, and a little amazed at the straight words I had just heard!

So yes, even after years of courtship and a few months into marriage, there still are things we are discovering. The latest one being - he DISLIKES popcorn while I have always loved them!

Now that makes me wonder what kept him from telling me this for such a long time. Before you smirk, I am a typical wife trying to make out more than what's meant from my husband's statement :D

Happy Wednesday, blogdosts :)
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