It's been such a long time! And no, I haven't forgotten either this space nor all my blogdosts. But then, with so much happening around, I needed this space :)

We have shifted! And yes, it's been a big change for me. Having lived all by myself in one part of the city to now living in a different part is a baffling experience. Settling down is a process which is in process. The best part of it all is getting to decorate our new home and I am loving it!!!

Coming to decorating our home, the last month has been all about pictures, decorations, curtains, flowers, vases, lamps et all. Every time I'd go quiet sitting in our living room and my doc would ask, 'So what's going on in your mind now? Color of the curtains or size of the portrait?' He literally laughs at me and calls me his interior decorator' and that I have an OCD! He says I am going crazy with the number of pictures I am putting around the house. And you know what - I still have plenty of blank photo frames in the cupboard. I'd rather wait to display them all before he loses it :D

There has been another life-turning event for me this month. I have quit full-time job! Now, this was real big for me. When I left my hometown, all I was looking for was a great career. Gave over 8 years to it and now when I look back, it's been a very satisfying journey. Taking a voluntary retirement at 28 is something, folks!!! (Ohh yes, I have plans as to what next; will leave those for another post)

On the other hand, I have got down to some serious studies. Have a few exams for my last semester of a course I am pursuing. And blogdosts, I tell you - studying full time after so many years feels pretty good :)

One of the many problems that marriage has solved for me is about cooking. I had been living by myself for many years and you know how lazy I had been when it came to cooking for myself. Now come on, who likes to cook for their self alone?? At least, I couldn't. So yes, now I cook for us and it's fun. And it gets even better on moments like when after having home-made pizza, doc declared that he will never go out for a pizza! Honestly, if you don't want to cook for your self only, get married. But make sure you find someone who likes your cooking; else, don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

So yes, life is changed. And it's been beautiful. :)

So tell me, blogdosts, how have you all been? I am here for good now and you will see a lot more of me regularly. Thank you for putting up with me. I will get to your comments soon and your blogs too :)

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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  1. Nilu Says:

    Great to hear from you Neha! Beautiful profile picture too!

    I am glad you're the kind who enjoys cooking. I like to eat only(if I can help it). Thankfully married a guy who's a gourmet cook ;-) & that's his hobbby.

    Here's to more posts from you!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Heyyy!!! Welcome back!

    Looks like you had a blast in this break. Decorating ones house's leaves you so satisfied, isn't it?

    Studying again! I don't think I could ever do that. I am not patient enough I guess! All the best for the new changes :-))))

  3. Awww.. Finally u r back after such a long gap dear.. V really missed u..*sigh*

    And its so nice to no that ur enjoying ur married life:) Ya i agree cooking wen v r alone is a boring but it turns to be interesting wen u have someone around to taste it and appreciate too:)

    I had given u an award somedays back wen u weren't around. Pls check it on

    Welcome back Neha *big smiles*

  4. So nice to get an update from you!! Hugs to you and hubs and hope life is smooth and filled with blessings being together. Post your yummy recipes!

  5. phatichar Says:

    All the best for the new life. God bless. :)

  6. Heyyy! Good to see you back blogging..:) Exams had kept me busy too.

    Nice to hear about cooking and thank you for the disclaimer of marrying someone who would love ur cooking - otherwise the blame would be on you because thoughts started hitting my brain..:)kidding!

    Waiting for more of it. Enjoy!