Ohh yes. I am around. I regularly read all the posts in my reading list and comment too. As for updating my own, there are many things occupying me. And by the end of it all, even logging in to Internet seems like one big effort. My poor old laptop lies neglected on its nested table covered with dust. Sigh!

The one thing on top of the list and my mind is shifting. Yes... S.H.I.F.T.I.N.G!!! For those who know that this will be the 8th (!!!!!!) house that I will be moving to can well understand my ordeal. My birth number has caught up with me at the wrong side this time. Hope it turns to be as lucky as claims about them are made.

My last 3 houses have been in the same locality so not much of a pain. But this time, I'd be moving to a different, and not so familiar, part of the city.

It's almost like moving to a new city altogether. Yeah, Delhi is so big! Since I've been married, I have been telling everyone that there isn't much change in my life. And here is the BIG change. A new House. A new place. Almost a new city (or part of a city).

Am I looking forward to it? Yes AND No!

Yes, as I am super excited to do up my new place. Furniture, decor everything just needs to be put in their right place. And there I will have the perfect home. A home I've been envisioning for some time now.

No, because I am super comfortable in the place I stay in currently. Been here for over 6 years! More people know me here than those in my own hometown. It's that kind of a home, you see. If given a choice, I would never shift from here. I am so perfectly nested here that even my adventurous mind does not seem to like the idea of exploring a completely new place.

But then, I am also happy that things will get convenient for my Doc who has to travel so much every day.

You get the struggle, do you, blogdosts?

So, I have the rooms of my new home planned out. But I haven't even started packing yet! My Doc says that eventually it will all be done. Well, of course. Just that I need to do it in between 'now' and 'eventually'.

Reading this, you'd know that I have pressed the panic button in me. It happens always in such situations. The Virgo in me wants to be organized even in between living out from suitcases. I am one of those who organizes first and packs later. Do you get the idea?

Enough of shifting rant. I need your help now.

Send me home decor ideas, traditional and cozy ones. And I promise to upload pictures from my new house as soon as I am able to.

See you real soon with more.

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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9 Responses
  1. br!nDle Says:

    Shifting really is a big work...Moving to a completely new location...OMG..!!! hectic...And as far as the decor is concerned nothing's better than wood...It's unparalleled beauty would enhance the look of your new house...:):)All the very best with everything...:):)

  2. Jack Says:


    Shifting is really a big hassle. And to shift from where one is well entrenched is something totally apprehensive. But don't you worry, one can settle down fast, take my words for it as I have experienced it. Also to be with your soulmate for his comfort is a big plus point. Best of luck. We used Packers & Movers for last couple of times and it helped. I can say something about decor only once I know the layout.

    Take care

  3. Jaggu Says:

    I know moving is really hard, but sometimes exciting to see and live in a new place. I hope you will stay more time in this new place.
    Please visit my blog.:)

  4. Neha Says:

    ah shifting ordeal! Ideas for new home? Keep it simple - not too heavy furniture, not many things in open space - dusting and cleaning headache you see. And a combination of Indian and western seating - looks fab and gets utilized when there are guests. that's all I can think of. Waiting for the pictures.

  5. Vijender : Says:

    it all sounds super exciting..
    i am sure the new home will play lucky for you both... Cheers!
    n Happy S.H.I.F.T.I.N.G!!! :)

  6. Ya its a big task of shifting the house. So many things to do and as u said there isn't lots of change after ur marriage then u definitely need to enjoy this change as it is gonna be super exciting for u kyu ki Shaadi k baad apne haton se apne unke saath ghar sajaane ka mazaa hi kuch aur hoga.. What say? ;-)

  7. Awww :) When you say My Doc <3

    I am too bad with interior decoration and all the jazz. I have had lived in so many houses too and had loved my Bangalore flat. In London, I prefer furnished...though last one was unfurnished and I ended up buying furniture and then had to sell :( fuss!

    And, shifting can be boring and exhausting too...

  8. Renu Says:

    All my life I have lived max 2-3 years in the same flat or house, so I know what shifting brings...but now a days we get such professional packers that5 they take away most of our headache.

  9. Neha Says:

    @ My Never Ending Thoughts - Yeah, I am also looking forward to this change and planning so much for the new house :)

    @Chintan - :))
    Shifting is pretty exhausting. Hopefully, we will be done by Saturday.

    @ Renu - booked a movers and packers. Hopefully, everything will go smooth.