Don't we all fall in love with something at some point of time and simply go crazy about it!

Not people, but things, like shoes, dresses, bags, bangles... anything you can think of. It becomes one of those things you can't live without during that "obsessed" period. Yeah... call that obsession actually and not love!

I have these phases all the time. Sometime, it's a bag or could be a new watch or may be the kohl pencil I bought! Once it was also the Subway Salad and at another time it was Mother Dairy Chocochips ice cream!! I'd behave as if I'd not live another moment without these. Phew!!!

Thankfully, these never lasted for more than a few days. Imagine the kilos I'd pile on gorging on a cup of ice cream every day for even a couple weeks!!

And now, the obsession is back. Those guessing it to be my husband.... well not really. He is the love of my life :))

Anyways, this time it is something I never really liked in particular. I admired other women wearing it, but was convinced that it will never go well on me. And I never tried it ever. Pity I never did :(

What is it?


Those pretty little patterns that adorn your face and go perfectly with every Indian outfit.

Ohh... call me obsessed. For what else is it but obsession that makes me buy these even when I am out for grocery shopping! I get attracted to those little shops that display strips of these hanging in the open. I am drawn to them like ants to sugar and end up buying at least a couple packs.

Of course, I have my preferences. They have to be medium sized and round. I bought so many tiny patterns before marriage, of which most I have given to friends. I have been told by none other than Mom (MIL) and my doc (husband) that the bigger round ones suit me best.

So, here I am looking for colorful round bindis almost everywhere I go!!!
Crazy, isn't it? While getting ready as a bride, the beautician tried many patterns on me and each of those made me look like a Page 3 socialite! No kidding. Finally, we settled in for basic red round studded bindi and there...the look was perfect!

It was only the next day for my bidaai (departure to the groom's place), I put on a bindi on my own and there started my tryst with bindis.

And now whenever I wear Indian attire, my look seems incomplete without a bindi! They make you different and so nice... wouldn't you agree? Ohhh wait, I am not obsessed. I am in love!!!

What's your current obsession, blogdosts? Tell me....

Till next time, take care and stay precious!
28 Responses
  1. My all time obsession is denims :D I am trying so hard to get used to dresses now. I totally connect with your post, am such a obsessive shopper when it comes to nail paints, lip balms and kohal :D

    Always buying it all :D

  2. Well my obsession is for bags and nail paints:) N after seeing ur pics I feel ur MIL and hubby are absolutely right.. U look beautiful in round big bindis:)

  3. ☆ Rià ღ Says:

    My steady obsession has been shoes and bags. Although I have stopped buying them for a while...but it doesnt last for too long! :P

  4. ☆ Rià ღ Says:

    And btw, u look pretty. :)

  5. phatichar Says:

    Reminds me of that song from 'Do Raaste' - Bindiya chamkegi.. ;-)

    Nice, girly post this. :)

  6. eugene Says:

    My obsession has always been the same,that's running...

    By the way,don't worry about putting on weight, just equal it with exercise and you will be fine, the problem with us is,we hate to get that body moving,,,hahahhahaahha

  7. I was once obsessed with black nail paint. It died down :) And chocolates. Every time I'm obsessed with a new chocolate :D
    Haven't ever been fond of bindis, but yes, you look adorable :D

  8. Thank You so much for following my series :)

  9. Live2cherish Says:

    Makes me want to say: bindi se mast lagte ho toh kuch obsession ache hain :)

  10. Vyankatesh Says:

    Quite interesting designs.

  11. Megha Sarin Says:

    I know. Even I am obsessed with lot of things. Looks like you recently got married as you are wearing those bangles. You look sooo pretty <3 <3


  12. I see how they are so easy to be obsessed with! They really are gorgeous. My colleague just went to India since she's from there and hearing all about her trip made me think about you. HUGS!

  13. Rachit Says:

    girls will be girls :P

    Weakest LINK

  14. Thank You so much for the comment :) I love the smile you have on your profile picture :D

  15. Soumya Says:

    Nail Paint! Shoes!

    I don't wear Indian outfits much but these bindis look so nice that I'm now tempted to go for a mix and match westernised look.

    P.S, You look pretty <3


  16. mikexplorer Says:

    hi there.. how are you? Happy weekend to you..

  17. When are you posting next? :)

  18. Jack Says:


    Read 2 pending posts. It is never too late to wish as long as it is still in January. Hope you are settled in your new house. May you both have best of time always. And May 2012 be just the way you want it to be.

    Take care

  19. Neha Says:

    @ Chintan - From an obsessive shopper, I have become a careful one. But not in case of bindis and footwear :)

    @ My Never Ending Thoughts - Thank you :)

    @ Ria - Shoes and bags are on almost every girl shopping list always. And Thanks :)

  20. Neha Says:

    @ phatichar - ha ha ha...thanks :)

    @Eugene - You are right...thanks :)

    @Philo - Try them...they go great with Indian outfit...and thanks :)

  21. Neha Says:

    @Live2cherish - Thank you :)

    @Vyankatesh - I agree :)

    @Megha Sarin - Thank You :)

  22. Neha Says:

    @Kelsey - Thank you so much :)

    @Rachit - Always :)

  23. Neha Says:

    @Soumya - Go'll love them too. And thank you :)

    @mikexplorer - to you too :)

  24. Neha Says:

    @Philo - Very soon :)

    @Jack uncle - Thanks uncle. Good to see you after a long time :)

  25. Renu Says:

    I also like bindis and I am very particular about them:).their colour,size and shape:)

  26. Neha Says:

    @Renu - so much like me :)

  27. I am always excited when I come across another Delhi blogger. Somehow I can relate to it more.

    You do look familiar.