Nowadays everyone keeps asking, "So, how's the change?"

And I am like, "Huh, what change?"

"Now you are married, so life must not be as carefree. You have responsibilities now."

At this, I want to turn and give it back to the person. For with this statement, he/she offends most the independent spirit in me. Call me whatever, but I do not agree that an unmarried person is in any way less responsible than a married one.

Yes, there are additions in life; a person, a family. And more than added responsibility, it's the added happiness and joy.

Any relationship has its give and take and the same is applicable in case of husband and wife. With your parents and siblings, you become accustomed as you grow up together. Similarly, you grow older with your spouse and with time, you get to know, understand and even tolerate [:)] the other more .

Okay, so I am not here to give gyaan on all this. I am too amateur yet and will take another decade to write on how to make your marriage successful.

Coming back to my point, a single person is not irresponsible. And if a person has stayed single for longer than most, then, for me, that person is more responsible than others might (might not) think them to be. Responsibility does not only encompass spouse and his/her family. It is more about oneself and family. The rest come in later which only accentuate that virtue in you.

I have lived and worked as a single woman for over 8 years and never once have questioned my responsibility towards myself or my family. I am proud of every decision I have taken in life and marriage has added to the dimension with which I look at life and relationships, not changed them.

It's not changed the person in me. I am definitely happier and more secured now. But yet again, I am the same person. I am equally independent and responsible as I was premarriage.

Call it a rant; I'd rather keep quiet than reply to the jerks who treat me responsible only now! And this is my personal space where I can rant, right, blogdosts?

Blogdosts, I know the post is so unlike me. I am tired of these questions. I mean, how can I become something overnight? Even if a change happens, that takes time to become apparent. For now, I am happy the way things are and my Doc will surely say the same :)

More soon. Take care and stay precious :)
Ohh yes. I am around. I regularly read all the posts in my reading list and comment too. As for updating my own, there are many things occupying me. And by the end of it all, even logging in to Internet seems like one big effort. My poor old laptop lies neglected on its nested table covered with dust. Sigh!

The one thing on top of the list and my mind is shifting. Yes... S.H.I.F.T.I.N.G!!! For those who know that this will be the 8th (!!!!!!) house that I will be moving to can well understand my ordeal. My birth number has caught up with me at the wrong side this time. Hope it turns to be as lucky as claims about them are made.

My last 3 houses have been in the same locality so not much of a pain. But this time, I'd be moving to a different, and not so familiar, part of the city.

It's almost like moving to a new city altogether. Yeah, Delhi is so big! Since I've been married, I have been telling everyone that there isn't much change in my life. And here is the BIG change. A new House. A new place. Almost a new city (or part of a city).

Am I looking forward to it? Yes AND No!

Yes, as I am super excited to do up my new place. Furniture, decor everything just needs to be put in their right place. And there I will have the perfect home. A home I've been envisioning for some time now.

No, because I am super comfortable in the place I stay in currently. Been here for over 6 years! More people know me here than those in my own hometown. It's that kind of a home, you see. If given a choice, I would never shift from here. I am so perfectly nested here that even my adventurous mind does not seem to like the idea of exploring a completely new place.

But then, I am also happy that things will get convenient for my Doc who has to travel so much every day.

You get the struggle, do you, blogdosts?

So, I have the rooms of my new home planned out. But I haven't even started packing yet! My Doc says that eventually it will all be done. Well, of course. Just that I need to do it in between 'now' and 'eventually'.

Reading this, you'd know that I have pressed the panic button in me. It happens always in such situations. The Virgo in me wants to be organized even in between living out from suitcases. I am one of those who organizes first and packs later. Do you get the idea?

Enough of shifting rant. I need your help now.

Send me home decor ideas, traditional and cozy ones. And I promise to upload pictures from my new house as soon as I am able to.

See you real soon with more.

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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Don't we all fall in love with something at some point of time and simply go crazy about it!

Not people, but things, like shoes, dresses, bags, bangles... anything you can think of. It becomes one of those things you can't live without during that "obsessed" period. Yeah... call that obsession actually and not love!

I have these phases all the time. Sometime, it's a bag or could be a new watch or may be the kohl pencil I bought! Once it was also the Subway Salad and at another time it was Mother Dairy Chocochips ice cream!! I'd behave as if I'd not live another moment without these. Phew!!!

Thankfully, these never lasted for more than a few days. Imagine the kilos I'd pile on gorging on a cup of ice cream every day for even a couple weeks!!

And now, the obsession is back. Those guessing it to be my husband.... well not really. He is the love of my life :))

Anyways, this time it is something I never really liked in particular. I admired other women wearing it, but was convinced that it will never go well on me. And I never tried it ever. Pity I never did :(

What is it?


Those pretty little patterns that adorn your face and go perfectly with every Indian outfit.

Ohh... call me obsessed. For what else is it but obsession that makes me buy these even when I am out for grocery shopping! I get attracted to those little shops that display strips of these hanging in the open. I am drawn to them like ants to sugar and end up buying at least a couple packs.

Of course, I have my preferences. They have to be medium sized and round. I bought so many tiny patterns before marriage, of which most I have given to friends. I have been told by none other than Mom (MIL) and my doc (husband) that the bigger round ones suit me best.

So, here I am looking for colorful round bindis almost everywhere I go!!!
Crazy, isn't it? While getting ready as a bride, the beautician tried many patterns on me and each of those made me look like a Page 3 socialite! No kidding. Finally, we settled in for basic red round studded bindi and there...the look was perfect!

It was only the next day for my bidaai (departure to the groom's place), I put on a bindi on my own and there started my tryst with bindis.

And now whenever I wear Indian attire, my look seems incomplete without a bindi! They make you different and so nice... wouldn't you agree? Ohhh wait, I am not obsessed. I am in love!!!

What's your current obsession, blogdosts? Tell me....

Till next time, take care and stay precious!
Happy New Year!!!

Too late a wish? I know. The lazy me could give you several excuses, but then....

So here's to a new start. Though for me, it's over a month old now :).

Being married feels good. I'm ignoring all the rants around me that ask me to wait for a few months/years to make that kind of statement. To marry my best friend and sweetheart is the best decision I have taken in my life so far. And I will surely repeat the statement some time/years from now too. (Please run or jump and touch the nearest piece of wood right now!)

As for new year resolutions, none for me this time. Those are very rarely intended to be kept. The Almighty has been extremely kind to me in the year gone by and blessed me abundantly.

I want to make it as beautiful and positive as I can and few things in my to-do list are:
  • All the firsts that happen in the first year of marriage. Our culture is so full of various traditions and rituals which are real fun.

  • Doing up our new home. We are still to move to our new place and I plan to make it as cozy as I always dreamt my home to be. The furniture is almost done...the next would be the curtains, linen et all. I so love all of it!!!

  • Going for trips/vacations. Plans I've always had, but never the company. Now in between my Doc's busy schedules, we plan to squeeze in some holiday time.

  • Get started on my book. High time! This has been on my mind for years now.

  • Study some more. Yeah, I plan to get back to some serious studies this year. Been slogging in the corporate sector for long and feel it's time to update/upgrade my skills and knowledge. A couple more degrees in my kitty will be good :)

So these are it. I may keep adding more to the list as the year goes by.

Have you got your list for this year ready yet?

Wish you all a super fantastic year ahead. Hope 2012 brings you all the joy and happiness.

Take care and stay precious :)
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