This post is inspired by and dedicated to the many people I see every day who don't fail to shock, infuriate or irritate me!!

Sometimes, in fact, almost every time and everywhere, you come across people doing something really silly or irritating. Or something that is infuriating. What exactly are these people thinking at such times?
  • The top one on this list are those who spit anytime, anywhere! Do they do this in their homes too???

  • You are walking in a market lane and the lady in front of you suddenly decides to stop to check out a shop window. And there you bang into her and she glares right back at you as if it was all your fault! Get a life, woman! Get to a side and do all the window shopping you want!

  • The car in front of yours stops in the middle of the road to drop off some of its occupants. Okay! And then these people take years to bid farewell to those inside the car! Can't they pull up to a side and not hold up the traffic behind?!

  • You are checking out a pair of sandals in a store when a someone brushes past you, pushes you back and goes forward like it's her birthright! Lady, how about using the words 'Excuse me' for the honor of those who taught you?!

  • You pick out a dress from the racks when someone simply snatches it from your hands saying, 'Sorry, but I want this size.' What if I want just that one too? And didn't you just snatch it from my hands!?

  • The road is congested with traffic and the car behind you is honking away to glory! Will all that honking give wings to their car or mine?? You never know when either starts flying!

  • You are walking on a sidewalk when the person walking in front of you decides to dispose the empty plastic glass right there, splashing the remnants of it on your shoes. Again, do they do this at their home too??

  • At a clothes store, you are in queue for the trying room, with the lady using it for the last half hour. With a husband/friend/sibling at her disposal who are bringing in new things/sizes to try, she sticks inside till eternity. So what if there are others waiting with just one clothing to check on!

  • At the metro station or cinemas (or anywhere else), while you follow the queue, a gentleman (???) comes running out of nowhere, pushes his way and reaches the counter straight on. Are we crazy to have been in queue for that long?!

  • You are enjoying a movie when suddenly there's a thumping on the back rest of your seat. You turn around and the gentleman right there is digging his shoes at the back with no thought for the person sitting there!

  • The lady/gentleman sitting next to you, in the cinema, continuously gives expert comments on every scene and actor loudly and giggling away at how funny it sounds. Indeed they do! And who are they trying to impress anyway? And what will they take to let others enjoy the show?

These and there are so many others like these. The first question that comes to my mind is: What are they thinking? Why do they behave this way? Whatever it may be, there's usually not much I can do, except that occasional glare I give their way (I am mean!).

Do you also come across such people, blogdosts? How do you feel, angry, irritated..? What do you think about them and how do you react??


Someone has hit the fast forward button up there. Days are flying and soon, I will have a change to my name. Sounds feverish to be honest. The preparations are in full swing and trust me, getting married is no easy task! Of course, most of you already know that :). It's less than a couple of weeks away now! My married blogger friends, do you have any tips to share with me? Will look forward to them.

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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7 Responses
  1. Melissa G. Says:

    People are taught to just think of and take care of themselves so they don't bother looking out for others around them. They can be so rude. I agree it can be so frustrating!

  2. Makk Says:

    why do you have to change your name?

    you can keep existing one i guess.

  3. eugene Says:

    I always get very disgusted with those people but after much expalaining from my lovely wife she said, those guys are part of the society and no one can think like we do,, they are different to us but they will say likewise about us too hahahahhahah..

    take care dear

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Melissa - It drives you nuts sometimes :(

    @ Makk - I will not really change my name, but there will be an addition :)

    @ Eugene You are right. Wonder what they think of us :)

  5. Raj Says:

    first things first. congrats on the wedding.

    second. irritated or angry are too soft words.

    third. i hate smelly people. especially when u r sitting on a bus or the metro. they come and stand right in front of you.
    and you are nothing short of screwed.

  6. It seriously makes you wonder how people think it's okay to be rude and plain unaware!!

  7. Rohit Singh Says:

    phew! did you experience it?Don't know but it seems witty and hilarious to read..but I guess utterly disgusting to experience.