When I first came to Delhi from my hometown, I was this dreamy-eyed, ambitious girl, full of confidence and enthusiasm. I'd say that I am still that way, just that the dreams have become more pragmatic now. Guess that's what is called experience and exposure.

There was this wish list I had. Something that I never wrote down in black and white, but which was always there. And as time passed, I, silently, ticked off things/tasks accomplished.

Till now, it was all about me - goals set for myself, things to be done etc etc. And in some days, it's going to be different. From me, it will soon become 'us'.

Before that happens for real, I need to get things out of my mind and see for myself where do I stand from where I was eight years ago.

You might find some of them funny or ridiculous, but then, not everything need to be serious or material, right?
  • Set up my own place. I was always very sure that I wanted my own place, not a paying guest accommodation or a hostel. Over the years I have settled down with everything I need, little by little.
  • Become a successful TV anchor/journalist. I wanted to be a TV journalist and anchor and I always felt I could do it. I went for this interview at a big news channel and had to wait for over an hour for the interviewer to arrive (a renowned journalist and my then idol). That hour-long wait in those premises changed my perception. I realized I was not cut for that industry and even after being selected, I politely refused their offer. Then started my struggle to find another interest. It took me a few years to be where I am, but I am content and happy with the way life (or may I say 'I') carved out my career.
  • Live independently. This is something I have proudly accomplished and ticked off.
  • Travel all by myself. This one seems to remain unfulfilled for ever now, I guess.

  • Watch a movie alone. Crazy, right? I know, but then again, a big tub of pop corn is good company, ain't it? ;) This remains unaccomplished though

  • Drive 'my' car. I hope and plan to tick this one off very soon!

  • Take my siblings for a trip. Haven't been able to get on to this yet. Shivani and Ankit will love it for sure!

  • Publish my book. And I did it; though it did get way too late and Dadaji could not see it in print.

  • Indulge in my interests in photography and dancing. This one remains unaccomplished too. (Does inquiring about dancing classes and subscribing to photography tips count??)

Quite a list!! I must have missed out something here and there. But overall, life seems good. And now as I take the plunge (is it called that?), I can look back at my life as a single independent woman with pride and happiness :)

Blogdosts, I am scared, excited and nervous!!! Few days to the D-day and now it seems it's coming too soon. You know that feeling you have in the stomach just before a 100 mtr dash? Yes, you got it. It's just that! Tips on staying calm and composed, anyone?

Will be back soon with more. Till then, take care and stay precious. And yes, send me tips too :)
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12 Responses
  1. eugene Says:

    Send me a eBook of Dadaji,that's the name of the title the book you wrote,right?

    You know,I do feel that you are cut to be a TV anchor,you've got that poise too, go on pursue your dreams,,one day when you are famous,very famous,do come to Penang and pay me a visit,then I will be so proud to declare that "Hey Guys, I know Neha personally" that would be great"

  2. I remember a tag line from a sports wear company - Just do it!
    Dont analyse because analysis is a paralysis.
    You just have to do it babes!and Boom! your wish list is complete!
    (on another thought keeping your wish list unaccomplished is also fun - that way you keep the strugle on and never are at rest! And as I understand you - you like the hard earned things!)

  3. I admire you for having a list, bucket list ... I call it. I hope you can check it off one by one. Where do you envision traveling with your siblings? Are they older or younger?

    Eeek your big day is quickly approaching. It will be breathtaking!!!!

  4. Neha Says:

    Well, just do things you enjoy doing. and you will be fine :)

    I have seen so many movies alone. I love that. Having my own house is on my wishlist too, car - been there done that and not interested anymore :P A solo trip - again, I wanna accomplish that and shall do it pretty soon :)

  5. Aahh!Feels so gud to hear from your heart..:)
    If you consider your dreams silly then mine shall be the silliest.I think i am too young to think about a house or a car. But yeah!
    Independence and a all-myself movie i too longed for. I am experiencing the former and yet to accomplish the latter.

    I felt a rush of anxiety as i read those lines of D-day! No experience, so no advice but All good wishes..!

    You are too good and hence keep all worries away because good shall always happen to you..:)

    Always love reading your blogs!!!

  6. Jack Says:


    Quite balanced achievement. Relax. Everything will work out fine as I am sure with your nature you will settle down well and happily.

    Take care

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Eugene - The book is of hindi poems and its name is Armaan (desire), dedicated to my dadaji (grandfather). You can read about it here

    As for being a TV anchor, it seems improbable now... am now looking forward to a new phase of life as a wife and daughter in-law :)

  8. Neha Says:

    @ I am the winner (Supriya) - You are right...I never liked things coming on too easy for me :)

    @ Kelsey - My siblings are younger... will plan a trip with them after marriage. And I am excited...just 2 weeks to go :)

    @ Neha - True...quite at peace with myself now :)

  9. Neha Says:

    @ Meet the multifacet - Your dreams are similar to mine when I was your age (I sound as if I am too old now!!). Just go along with life, have fun and do things you enjoy. Life will be great :)

    @ Jack uncle - Thank you..trying my best to calm down :)

  10. Jason Says:

    What a nice post! Sounds to me like you've accomplshed much of what you planned to do, which is great. Regarding your career, so many people (myself included) end up in a different career path than they originally intended. So I think that's natural, and a good thing. It means we're flexible and open to other opportunities. Good luck with the wedding plans!

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Jason - Thank you :). I am still on it though and there are things beyond this list too. I like your perspective of getting into a different career. And then, life always has its plans.

  12. Abhay Patel Says:

    Wow..really great wish list. hope all comes true soon.Thank you for sharing.

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