Today is my last day at work before I leave for my holidays. Okay, so I am more nervous, more excited and happiest right now.

A colleague was telling me about her experience after she got married. Being a pampered child, she didn't know or ever bother who did the laundry at her home. She gave me a long lecture as to how much you have to cope, adjust and "slog" after marriage. Then she told me that I'd better mend my ways. To this, I wanted to say, "I know who does the laundry at my home!" I chose to keep quiet and smiled ensuring her that her well-meant advice had been taken in the intended spirit.

Another lectured me on how to "handle" my would-be Mom in-law (MIL). She told me to ignore the endless and uncalled for ranting as I need to understand her insecurity about losing her son to his wife. I listened patiently. Though I was tempted to boast about the good rapport I share with my MIL, I chose to stay quiet. Later while looking at our engagement pictures, she remarked that my mother looked very happy. When I told her that she is my MIL, the expression on her face was awesome!

These stories sound funny and at times, sad.

For me, marriage is a beautiful and sacred union of two individuals. You get so much from this - a companion for life, a family your own and unending love and togetherness. And it's even more beautiful when you are marrying a person who is your best friend and love.

Of course, life will change drastically and I am not sure how (well) prepared I am for it. I am crossing my fingers that I will sail through just fine.

Whatever else it may be, life will surely be more beautiful and happy :)

P.S: Blogdosts, I will be away from this space for some time for obvious reasons. On my return, promise to post updates and pictures.

Till then, take care and stay precious :))
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  1. Melissa G. Says:

    You're right, it doesn't have to be a rough transition to marriage.

    I'm so glad you have a good relationship with your MIL.

    We will miss you while you are away! Wish i could be there to celebrate with you! Will be with you in my heart if not in person. =)

  2. Neha Says:

    Congratulations in advance. don't listen to people. Find it out yourself, and trust me not everything turns out bad :)

  3. All Good wishes neha for the new beginning...I know you would be occupied now, but it would be nice if you can share the date of your marriage and an address(postal) where wishes can be sent..:)

  4. Venie Says:

    LOL! Well, I don't wanna say much too but then I did gave the exact same advice to a Bride-to-be last nite. Because from our experience some MIL will change from mother to monster after Married or had kids. But no matter what Their intention is always good but they just don't know that will spoil their son or their grand children. So we just can't blame them. Abyway, Pls come back soon. I enjoy reading ur blog & I have join ur site too ^^,

  5. Mahesh Pal Says:

    "Wishing you all the health and happiness in this world on your wedding"

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Have a great wedding! Will miss you and looking forward to all the pictures!!!

  7. Jack Says:


    Read 2 posts now. There are so many more to the list which you told in previous post. I had also written a couple of posts on such issues, mainly driving related. I am sure you will have no difficulty in settling down after marriage. Just keep in mind that four basic principles which make a relationship healthy are - Mutual Respect, Mutual Trust, Two way open & logical communication and Willingness to accept other as he or she is while making efforts to overcome own weak points. I had also written post Happy Married Life in 3 parts in Oct - Nov 2009. You may read it if you find time.
    When & where is the marriage? Congratulations in advance.

    Take care

  8. Started with this one but stopped only after reading through six of your posts one after another... quite a good read...each of them. they like caught me in a reading spree :)

  9. Rachit Says:

    congratulation for the D-day.. :) and live life as you think is the best for you .. :)

    Weakest LINK

  10. Whatever people say, you're doing it right. Be pure, and nothing will hinder you from enjoying the best of the married life — take my word.

  11. Wishing you a very happy married life Neha..:)May all your desires get fulfilled..:) Have a very cheerful life ahead..:)

  12. Renu Says:

    very glad to see your attitude..and its only the attitude which makes the life....wish you a very happy married life !!