Today is my last day at work before I leave for my holidays. Okay, so I am more nervous, more excited and happiest right now.

A colleague was telling me about her experience after she got married. Being a pampered child, she didn't know or ever bother who did the laundry at her home. She gave me a long lecture as to how much you have to cope, adjust and "slog" after marriage. Then she told me that I'd better mend my ways. To this, I wanted to say, "I know who does the laundry at my home!" I chose to keep quiet and smiled ensuring her that her well-meant advice had been taken in the intended spirit.

Another lectured me on how to "handle" my would-be Mom in-law (MIL). She told me to ignore the endless and uncalled for ranting as I need to understand her insecurity about losing her son to his wife. I listened patiently. Though I was tempted to boast about the good rapport I share with my MIL, I chose to stay quiet. Later while looking at our engagement pictures, she remarked that my mother looked very happy. When I told her that she is my MIL, the expression on her face was awesome!

These stories sound funny and at times, sad.

For me, marriage is a beautiful and sacred union of two individuals. You get so much from this - a companion for life, a family your own and unending love and togetherness. And it's even more beautiful when you are marrying a person who is your best friend and love.

Of course, life will change drastically and I am not sure how (well) prepared I am for it. I am crossing my fingers that I will sail through just fine.

Whatever else it may be, life will surely be more beautiful and happy :)

P.S: Blogdosts, I will be away from this space for some time for obvious reasons. On my return, promise to post updates and pictures.

Till then, take care and stay precious :))
This post is inspired by and dedicated to the many people I see every day who don't fail to shock, infuriate or irritate me!!

Sometimes, in fact, almost every time and everywhere, you come across people doing something really silly or irritating. Or something that is infuriating. What exactly are these people thinking at such times?
  • The top one on this list are those who spit anytime, anywhere! Do they do this in their homes too???

  • You are walking in a market lane and the lady in front of you suddenly decides to stop to check out a shop window. And there you bang into her and she glares right back at you as if it was all your fault! Get a life, woman! Get to a side and do all the window shopping you want!

  • The car in front of yours stops in the middle of the road to drop off some of its occupants. Okay! And then these people take years to bid farewell to those inside the car! Can't they pull up to a side and not hold up the traffic behind?!

  • You are checking out a pair of sandals in a store when a someone brushes past you, pushes you back and goes forward like it's her birthright! Lady, how about using the words 'Excuse me' for the honor of those who taught you?!

  • You pick out a dress from the racks when someone simply snatches it from your hands saying, 'Sorry, but I want this size.' What if I want just that one too? And didn't you just snatch it from my hands!?

  • The road is congested with traffic and the car behind you is honking away to glory! Will all that honking give wings to their car or mine?? You never know when either starts flying!

  • You are walking on a sidewalk when the person walking in front of you decides to dispose the empty plastic glass right there, splashing the remnants of it on your shoes. Again, do they do this at their home too??

  • At a clothes store, you are in queue for the trying room, with the lady using it for the last half hour. With a husband/friend/sibling at her disposal who are bringing in new things/sizes to try, she sticks inside till eternity. So what if there are others waiting with just one clothing to check on!

  • At the metro station or cinemas (or anywhere else), while you follow the queue, a gentleman (???) comes running out of nowhere, pushes his way and reaches the counter straight on. Are we crazy to have been in queue for that long?!

  • You are enjoying a movie when suddenly there's a thumping on the back rest of your seat. You turn around and the gentleman right there is digging his shoes at the back with no thought for the person sitting there!

  • The lady/gentleman sitting next to you, in the cinema, continuously gives expert comments on every scene and actor loudly and giggling away at how funny it sounds. Indeed they do! And who are they trying to impress anyway? And what will they take to let others enjoy the show?

These and there are so many others like these. The first question that comes to my mind is: What are they thinking? Why do they behave this way? Whatever it may be, there's usually not much I can do, except that occasional glare I give their way (I am mean!).

Do you also come across such people, blogdosts? How do you feel, angry, irritated..? What do you think about them and how do you react??


Someone has hit the fast forward button up there. Days are flying and soon, I will have a change to my name. Sounds feverish to be honest. The preparations are in full swing and trust me, getting married is no easy task! Of course, most of you already know that :). It's less than a couple of weeks away now! My married blogger friends, do you have any tips to share with me? Will look forward to them.

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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When I first came to Delhi from my hometown, I was this dreamy-eyed, ambitious girl, full of confidence and enthusiasm. I'd say that I am still that way, just that the dreams have become more pragmatic now. Guess that's what is called experience and exposure.

There was this wish list I had. Something that I never wrote down in black and white, but which was always there. And as time passed, I, silently, ticked off things/tasks accomplished.

Till now, it was all about me - goals set for myself, things to be done etc etc. And in some days, it's going to be different. From me, it will soon become 'us'.

Before that happens for real, I need to get things out of my mind and see for myself where do I stand from where I was eight years ago.

You might find some of them funny or ridiculous, but then, not everything need to be serious or material, right?
  • Set up my own place. I was always very sure that I wanted my own place, not a paying guest accommodation or a hostel. Over the years I have settled down with everything I need, little by little.
  • Become a successful TV anchor/journalist. I wanted to be a TV journalist and anchor and I always felt I could do it. I went for this interview at a big news channel and had to wait for over an hour for the interviewer to arrive (a renowned journalist and my then idol). That hour-long wait in those premises changed my perception. I realized I was not cut for that industry and even after being selected, I politely refused their offer. Then started my struggle to find another interest. It took me a few years to be where I am, but I am content and happy with the way life (or may I say 'I') carved out my career.
  • Live independently. This is something I have proudly accomplished and ticked off.
  • Travel all by myself. This one seems to remain unfulfilled for ever now, I guess.

  • Watch a movie alone. Crazy, right? I know, but then again, a big tub of pop corn is good company, ain't it? ;) This remains unaccomplished though

  • Drive 'my' car. I hope and plan to tick this one off very soon!

  • Take my siblings for a trip. Haven't been able to get on to this yet. Shivani and Ankit will love it for sure!

  • Publish my book. And I did it; though it did get way too late and Dadaji could not see it in print.

  • Indulge in my interests in photography and dancing. This one remains unaccomplished too. (Does inquiring about dancing classes and subscribing to photography tips count??)

Quite a list!! I must have missed out something here and there. But overall, life seems good. And now as I take the plunge (is it called that?), I can look back at my life as a single independent woman with pride and happiness :)

Blogdosts, I am scared, excited and nervous!!! Few days to the D-day and now it seems it's coming too soon. You know that feeling you have in the stomach just before a 100 mtr dash? Yes, you got it. It's just that! Tips on staying calm and composed, anyone?

Will be back soon with more. Till then, take care and stay precious. And yes, send me tips too :)
So, yes, the gifts are on their way to their rightful receivers. And not going by the initial count (10), all those who sent me their addresses will receive a little something from me :)

I have been on Blogger for almost 4 years now. Now, that is a long enough time to have a huge list of followers and ensure scores of comments. But then, I am a lazy blogger. Soon after registering on Blogger, I forgot all about it. And it was only 2 years later in 2009 that I started taking this space seriously.

Since then, this has become a part of me. I am equally restless when I don't post for a long time. And to hear from you makes my day. For me, this is a world which has those of us who share one love - the love for writing! One can write here without any fear or inhibition and rest assured that he/she has listeners somewhere out there!

Despite me being such a thankless and lazy blogger, I have made quite a few friends here. And you all, blogdosts, have made my blogging world so beautiful. Whatever else may others say, I have always needed the motivation to go on here... and my motivation is you. To hear from you, to speak to you, to connect with you - blogging for me is about me and you :)

Are you all wondering, what is making me write what I am?

It's because I want to tell you all how wonderful you all are and how beautiful you've made blogging for me.

And blogdosts, I have some news, happiness, to share with you :)

Last month I got engaged to my best friend and soul-mate, the one I laugh with, live for and love!

(Ohh, yes!! This was the news I wanted to share with you all!!!)!

The rings!!! :))

Happy "Us" :))

It's been incredible together so far and as we embark on a new journey, my happiness will not be complete without your wishes, blogdosts :)

Thank you once again, blogdosts, for being there :).

Stay precious and take care :)