I am no film-critic.

I do not understand the nuances that goes into film-making. Nor do I understand the heavy things in a film like the cinematography, editing etc.

I am a regular movie-goer who watches movies not to love or hate them but to entertain themselves. Given a choice between a movie and a play, I'll go for the latter. But plays don't show according to your convenience, movie do.

I am also a movie-goer who cannot watch a movie without popcorn. The funda is simple - if the movie is good, I need popcorn to enjoy it and if it's not, I need popcorn to tolerate it! There has been just one movie that I walked out of mid-way and so you can call me a rather patient and optimistic audience who will believe till the end that the story might just spring a surprise!

All said, this is my attempt to tell you about the movies I watch, and like I said, I am a regular. It will be "my" view on the movie, the actors, the character and the story. And the true Virgo that I am, expect me to be over critical too :). Remember, they'd be how I liked (not liked) the movie and not the official review. You can go back to the newspapers and websites for that :)

Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster

The movie starts on an assuring note introducing the characters the way they are in the film.

The story is dramatic and its narration is crisp. There are no long-winding suspense that keep the audience waiting for the next thing to happen. Things happen in every scene, pictures become real and you get involved. That's what a good movie is about - having the audience glued to the screen at the edge of their seats.

The script and dialog are great and add to the pace of the movie. There are enough twists and turns, though the story is by and large predictable.

Jimmy Shergil is the Saheb who is ruthless, shrewd and vulnerable at the same time. This man emanates aura and Jimmy Shergil does full justice to the role. The fact that being such a talented actor, he has been wasted in the industry becomes more prominent with this performance. His dialog delivery is crisp and the way he has carried himself is perfect. Whether it be the scenes where he is sloshed enough to be carried by his loyalists or him enjoying breakfast meticulously with a knife and fork at lunch hour - he has outdone himself!

Randeep Hooda is a rogue - in the movie, of course. And he plays that well enough. You will either love or hate him, but won't be able to ignore him. He plays the gangster effortlessly. Yet, he is no hard-boned gangster at that. He has his faults and is equally vulnerable whether it be when looking for a bank job or when smitten by love. He is a surprise package and plays the role with just the right amount of grey and white!

Mahie Gill plays her character convincingly, though could have been better. Playing the biwi to the saheb, she doesn't match up to the charisma of Jimmy Shergil (yeah, he is that good!). Sitting by a lake at a portable table writing cheques is a portrayal of madness and that's how her character is!

A character that could have been made more instrumental was that of Deepal Shaw's, while Deepraj Rana is good, playing the caring and protective right hand to the Saheb with subtlety.

The climax doesn't let the movie down either. All in all, it's a good drama. After Ishqiya, this is one drama you'd like to watch. Tigmanshu Dhulia has a reputation to live up to in his next now.. and a good one at that :)

My rating - 3.5/5

Blogdosts, there are other recent releases I could talk about - Mere Brother ki Dulhan & Mausam, which I am sure most of you have seen and would not like that late a post.
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  1. Makk Says:

    nice attempt. :)

  2. eugene Says:

    Ha,, this one I sure don't know,, but talking about movies........ I don't enjoy much about them,,, but i do like loads of action movies,, but not Jackie's,, too anticipative already...

    you have a nice day Neha,,, hey are you on facebook,, please do search for me,,eugene ung......if you want to ya

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Makk - :)

    @ Eugene - Will try to locate you on Facebook :)