Movies are usually kept for the weekend. But if you have a holiday on a weekday and nothing better to do in the evening, watching a movie is a good timepass [for us :)].

Didn't have many options to pick from and going by the star cast, picked Force.

The movie starts on a similar note, like Wanted - An undercover cop (actually a Narcotics officer) acting like a baddie to catch the bigger baddies, and in the process, falling for a beautiful, lively girl working for an NGO. It's more like a love story combined with enough action. And the one message I felt the movie sends out is - To be a fearless cop, you should have no attachments/weaknesses (read family, friends etc)!!!

The action is high and intense in the second half, and if you don't like action movies, then it's just not for you. The music is not really foot-tapping and at times, seems to interrupt the pace of the movie, which is otherwise good.

Playing the tough cop is John Abraham, who has no weakness(read no attachments) and thus, is a fearless cop. (This point has been put across enough number of times in the movie for one to memorize it!) So, the cop erases the big drug dealers, only to know that they had been trapped into removing competition from the market before a bigger and more shrewd drug dealer could bring in his monopoly.

John has done a good job, while the action scenes remind you of other action movies released recently. Somehow, I still feel that John's face lacks that ability to emote (strictly my personal opinion!!) and his body is no longer that sleek, it's unimaginably great! His action sequences are thus far better than other scenes; and yes, you will see the guy shirtless in many scenes.

Genelia plays the cute and chirpy love interest of the cop. She is good, but reminds of Asin in Ghajini. For the small part that she has, she has done it well.

Special mention for Vidyut Jamval who has made his mark, despite being a newcomer. His acting skills are convincing and action sequences are better than those of his rival cops.

The other notable actors are Sandhya Mridul and Mohnish Behl. I liked Kamlesh Sawant too who brought in some comic relief at regular intervals. There should have been more of him.

All in all, it's a good one-time watch. Didn't find it as great as mentioned in the reviews though.

My rating - 2.5/5
Blogdosts, I will be travelling next week and therefore, away from this space for a while. I promise it won't be more than a few days.

Till then, take care and stay precious!
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  1. Jack Says:


    Read 3 posts now. Thanks for movies review. I hardly watch any these days. But will try to see S B & G. We tend to miss out on happiness by overlooking things which seem small or insignificant to us. I have learnt that it is for us to be happy or sad by our own attitude.

    Take care

    PS : Left reply to your views in my post on DIL. One Virgo to another, what date?

  2. Neha Says:

    @ Amit - :)

    @ Jack - Do watch S B & G. It's really nice. and my DOB is Aug 24...yours'?