How I wish there were four days on a weekend and not two! Weekends are more tiring and dreadful than weekdays! My poor mind, body and soul crave for a day to rest after hectic Saturday and an even more busy Sunday. It seems like the to-do list simply keeps on increasing. The moment I tick off one item, I add another four to it.

OK. Done with the venting out! I so needed it on a weary Monday such as this one. Thank you, blogdosts :). Don't worry, I am not going to test your patience with more cribbing.

Thought of bringing some cheer to my weary self. So here are some feel-good moments that make my days better and bring an instant smile to my face :)
  • The early morning breeze in the park. It's fresh, rejuvenating and makes me forget the worries of my world for at least as long as I am there!

  • Drizzle or rain!

  • A conversation with my niece and nephew, Maanya & Armaan. They give me instant happiness!

  • An infant/toddler smiling!

  • When my elder sister guesses exactly what I am thinking about (and this happens almost always!).

  • When a friend postpones/reschedules their plan to catch up for a few minutes :).

  • When there is this strong craving for chocolate and I find a lone piece in a corner in the refrigerator!

  • While boarding the train for my hometown :).

  • When my siblings call, just like that :)

  • On realizing that have dropped a size in jeans! Trust me, I couldn't be happier!

  • When I am thinking about taking a break and a colleague comes asking to join them for one!

  • When my hair feels just about right!!! It's not too limp or flared, but just perfect! (How many of you ladies agree with me??)

  • When I pass my landlord and he doesn't have anything to say about the rent/electricity bill/repairs/so on.

  • A cup of hot ginger tea or chocolate milk. It lifts me instantly!
And the list will go on.

Come to think of it, there are so many things to cheer about and yet, we spend so much time cribbing and complaining. The impulsive and sad me needs to take lessons from the philosopher me!

So what are your feel good moments? What brings an instant smile to your face?

Would love to know, blogdosts!

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
10 Responses
  1. Neha Says:

    A good hair day is any day amazing. so is a cup of tea, those random plans, those sleep overs and getting drunk on wine and sing your lungs out - oh man, few things must keep on happening again and again.

  2. Makk Says:

    when I read good posts like this.


  3. eugene Says:

    What makes me smile? after a long run,all sweat,coming back doing some chores,looking at my children,being intimate with my lovely wife and a glass of red wine,,,that what make me smile

  4. Vijender : Says:

    it's cool..
    n the timing perfect.. i am about to begin with my work and this is awesome.. :)
    Interestingly, i was reminded of the closing lines towards the end of the movie "Wake up Sid"... a pleasing n refreshing treat.. Thank U!!

  5. With most of these moments, many of us share the same feelings..:)It is human convergence nature..:)

    Just to add one more - When you get a Rs. 10 or 50 or 100 or sometime Rs. 500 note from a jeans pocket after its washed and ironed..:)

    Nice post...

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Neha - true...without those few things, life seems dry :)

    @ Makk - :))

    @ eugene - :)

    @ Vijender - :).. the pleasure is mine

    @ Meet the Multifact - agree with you. On finding money like that, you feel rich instantly :)

  7. Jason Says:

    What a great post! Well, let's see ... cool autumn days, emails from friends, train rides with friends, my bicycle, smooth roads and paths to bike on, good books, cycling magazines, day-trips into the country, a box of watercolors, a cup of iced coffee, and lighthouses. That's what comes to mind at the moment. Oh ... and three-day weekends! You're so right about needing another day or so to recover from the weekend itself!

  8. when we dine together...