So, the last week has been a rather happening one. All on the personal front. More details on this later :)

There were some other things too that I happened to realize then. Not that I didn't know them, but somehow I never looked at them 'like that'.

Okay, so I am a vegetarian by choice. I do eat eggs and therefore, am not a pure vegetarian. But somehow, non-vegetarian food never enticed me. I ate it due to peer pressure and then quit it for good when I saw that I don't really enjoyed it.

Then, I don't drink. Not for pleasure, not for business. On the couple of occasions that I tried it I find it toooo bitter and still fail to understand how do people enjoy it. I only like my chocolates bitter :)

P.S: I do not intend to start a debate there.

Moving forth... We were planning a party for friends when one of them exclaimed, "How will you enjoy the party? You neither eat non-veg nor do you drink. You are a bore!"

Though this wasn't the first time I heard it, but yes, it irritated me equally! How many parties have I not enjoyed 'coz of these two things? Or how many times have I felt left out on these accounts? Isn't the very idea of enjoying that way a little weird?

For me, enjoyment is:

Simply spending time with my special someone... this one gives me an instant high :)

Shopping with my sister. Trust me, it's a lot of fun!

Home-cooked meals on the dining table with my family.

Being with my friends.

Talking with my niece and nephew, listening to their funny stories!

Writing... and of course, blogging ;)

A coffee night-out with my siblings and cousins (Our parties are incomplete without the night full of gossip, dancing and a mug of coffee!)

Reading a good novel into the night!

... and there are so many more. Now, blogdosts, you tell me... when there is so much to enjoy in my life... am I still a bore?

I enjoy life and it's little moments. And do not need drinks to get a high. I enjoy food and do not feel the need to change my preference. And I still like partying and dancing :)

Ranting over!!! Will come up with something more cheerful next time. Thanks for bearing :)

Till then, take care and stay precious.
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15 Responses
  1. Reading through i felt my thoughts being put down. I share the same opinion to non-veg and splly drinks. Instead i feel we can enjoy more when ppl around you get on a high and you get to see things that you can laugh recollecting time and again..:)

    Bang on with shopping with sis...I love doing the same with my bro...

    P.S: Bore are the ppl who restrict their way of fun only to these two things...Keep smiling..:)We are the best and not *bore* for sure...

  2. Anurag Says:

    Some of the experiences can be related with those in mine.
    My roomie keeps nagging me for the lack of fun!!!

    There will always be people saying a word or two about life of bloggers and they will never figure out the joy of reading a book.

    never the less,Different people different choices.

  3. Haddock Says:

    As for being veg I may too turn into a green one soon...but as long as I am "indulging" might as well enjoy it :-)
    After a long time enjoyed Vindaloo today. Wifey did a good job, maybe because of the fear of mother-in-law (I am talking about my mother in law)
    Oh yes its very difficult to please her when it comes to cooking.
    Coming to your list, the best part I liked is Reading a good novel into the night! Nothing like a good book to keep you awake.

  4. I'm not a vegetarian, (although I probably could be), but I also don't drink, so I know how you feel. I think, if you have to drink to have fun, you must be a boring person without it. :) I also find the taste if alcohol to be too bitter. I'd rather have a nice iced coffee! :)

  5. Makk Says:

    May be you fall in "humane" catagory by chance.

    Where enjoyment is actually "engage in joy.."


    keep smiling.

  6. Melissa G. Says:

    I guess i'm boring too then because your list of fun things sounds wonderful to me! =)

    It sounds like you are more interested in others and not just about having a good time yourself.

  7. Jack Says:


    One who lacks depth makes such statements. I am sorry if that person is close to you. Such statements are to be forgotten as soon as heard. I have been non-veg for long time but gave it up in 1995 except eggs and fish ( seldom ). There is no harm in drinking within limits if one likes the taste. Each one of us has own way to enjoy life, so do what your conscience permits you. If we listen to others then do remember the old story of old man, his young son and donkey. Thanks for telling me the date. Did you see my reply to your views in DIL?

    Take care

  8. Venie Says:

    I agree with you! You are not bore, u're just special :)

    Hello from Brunei!


  9. eugene Says:

    and thank you for being my friend too, hey I love to have a couple of beers with my lovely particularly on weekends,it makes us happy hahahah

  10. Neha Says:

    @ Meet the Multifact - ha ha ha...very true... we are the best :))

    @ Anurag - You are right.. and people who don't read will never know the pleasures a good book gives!

    @ Haddock - First tell me, what's Vindaloo?? Are all mothers in-law difficult to please?

    @ 2 Little Gals 3 Little Pals - So good to hear from you :). And high five on finding the alcohol bitter too :)

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Makk - Thanks :)

    @ Melissa - we are not boring...we are special :)

    @ Jack - You are right. There is no fun if you don't remember what happened the previous night as you were too drunk to know it! And thank you for your reply to my comments :)

    @ Venie - Thank you for dropping by.. and thank you for your sweet comment :) You have a new follower now :))

  12. Neha Says:

    @ eugene - Thanks to you too for being a friend. And it's not the beer you enjoy, but your lovely wife's company. Am I right? :)

  13. I can relate to what you would have felt, long time back when I faced this peer pressure, my thought was simple, I can start drinking and smoking anyday, but they cant give up me girl, you ain't missing nothing in life.

  14. Vinod R Iyer Says:

    Not a bore by any means. For each his/her one interests :)

    But ya .. u should try everything :)

  15. Black Coffee full mug + My Guitar + Camera + A Good Book + Earphones + A Long ride on my Bullet always keeps me high & grinful..

    ~AMS ( A Non-Veggie + Ocaasionally Alcholoic hehehe :D)