It was a pleasant morning today. I did debate about whether I should go for my walk and eventually, put on my jogging shoes and headed out.

For the record, I have finally set out a time for regular exercise. Gyms suffocate me and there are no courts (badminton/basketball) near or around my area. So, I gave myself another chance at morning walk/runs. I was never an enthusiast in that, but so far so good. I am going steady and intend to continue till Monsoons after which I will have to join a gym.

There I digress!

OK... so back to the park. With the school vacations having started, many children come with their parents/grandparents. They bring their cricket kits, badminton rackets along or simply have fun on the swings and slides.

This morning, there was a 6-7 year old playing cricket with his granddad. He was bowling while his grandfather was making vain efforts to get out and be able to continue with his yoga. Each time, he'd let the ball hit the wicket or get caught by his grandson and ask, "Am I out now?" To which the boy kept saying 'No'.

It was a sweet scene and usually little boys prefer to bat than bowl. And here was this little guy who just wanted to play along with his grandfather.

I smiled when I saw them playing, being reminded of the time spent with my grandfather. I never played cricket though. I used to accompany him on his morning walks quite often on my holidays. He was a regular for decades but had to quit when his knees became really weak.

Those mornings used to be fun. We'd hire a small bicycle and he would teach me to ride it, holding the seat from behind and jogging alongside. Sometimes, we would go to the nearby park and play.

On our walks, he would tell me the names of various plants/flowers planted in the neighborhood. Of course, he would regularly check my memory/knowledge too!

I remember a morning when we sat in a temple compound and he taught me how to read a wall clock. He would test me now and then when he returned after work.

Some mornings, we would visit an old couple who lived on the next street. They had a guava tree in their backyard and while the three sat and talked, I plucked sweet green guavas with a long bamboo stick.

Most of our Sunday mornings were spent in our terrace garden where I'd earnestly try to help him with gardening. He loved plants and even after we moved to our apartment, he maintained many potted ones.

These and many more memories are coming back to me today. Those moments which I relive every time I think of Dadaji and which eventually leave me crying. I know I should be happy thinking of them, but the realization that it's past now and I will never get to meet him again is heartbreaking.

But then, of course, as they say - we should treasure those moments for the happiness they always bring to us. Life is not the same without him, but also, all that it is today, it is because of him.


Blogdosts, I have been in the process of writing this post for 4 days now and finally able to publish today. Thank you for putting up with me. I am a thankless girl, I know :(

Will see you real soon. Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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12 Responses
  1. Makk Says:

    Certainly precious moments.

    but you will meet him again after you leave this planet. Don't worry about it.

    He doesn't feel good when you cry. After he always wanted to make you smile.

    So Keep Smiling.

    P.S.: I guess you don't enjoy maths much.

  2. gourav Says:

    I am new 2 ur blog... I just find it out on ovi store... However I havnt read all ur posts, bt surely vl finish by this weekend.
    U r doing awsome... Great job., u vl always be appreciated for ur work nd efforts. Dnt ever feel tht ur blogdosts vl become sad or angry if u woudnt post regularly, like u felt today...
    Your blogdosts vl always b with u,..
    With best regards

  3. Vijender : Says:

    It's beautiful...
    I do not attempt to judge your writing but this definitely is one of your most wonderful post!!
    It's beautiful...

  4. The moments of him jogging beside you to help you stabilize melts my heart!!! They are just the best, so keep the positive memories close by!

  5. Hip Grandma Says:

    What a sweet post. I remember getting bored and tried to deliberately lose in a game of chess and my son who was them a six year old sensed my mood yelled at me for cheating. I smiled and said that one does not cheat to lose they cheat to win and he very cutely replied
    "You are not a nice amma. You ARE cheating. You want to quit."

    I like the name of your blog too.

  6. Jack Says:


    First visit. Read all current posts. Hope you are doing fine now. No matter how strong a person be, just at the insertion of needle little involuntary shiver is always there. When affect of anesthesia takes over each of us do some funny things. I was told by doctor that he laughed so loudly at what I said. I too wrote something on corruption, if you find time to give your valuable views on that. We have been in Delhi now for 25 years. So who has the upper hand, pigeons or you? Nice view from your balcony. One must keep fond memories but it is also not possible not to cry at some memories.

    Take care

    PS : If you find time, do give your views in my space.

  7. Haddock Says:

    Aha.... nothing like a quick game of basketball.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Di, You're still so expressive as you were in school...Luv ya !

  9. Neha Says:

    @ Makk - Thanks for your kind words. And you are right, I never enjoyed maths :)

    @ Gourav - Thanks so much :)

    @ Vijender - Thanks a ton :)

    @ Kelsey - Those were the best moments of my life :)

  10. Neha Says:

    @ Phatichar - :)

    @ Hip Grandma - Thank you so much. And thanks for sharing your memories here :)

    @ Jack - I am on your blog and it sure is great. Thanks for sharing all of that. It educates and helps one learn so much!

  11. Neha Says:

    @ Haddock - True :)

    @ Shivangi - Good to see you here. And thanks a ton for your kind words :)