Just a quick post - I am here, very much here! And all those who blog regularly can vouch for that as they sure do get my comments on their posts.

May be I'm getting too lazy as work is like always and yet, I'm not able to blog. I have a few posts that are incomplete! The last one that I left midway was early last week when I wanted to announce the completion of my 7 years in Delhi on May 12!!! Now, that's surely not the way I wanted to do it :(

Nevertheless, I am around and trying to get back to my once-active blogger self. Please put up with me (no false promises on time). Till then, you'll always hear from me on your blog :)

Take care and stay precious :)
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7 Responses
  1. Melissa G. Says:

    Thank for you faithful comments! =)

  2. phatichar Says:

    oh ji welcome back hai ji... ;-)

  3. Scribby Says:

    no no you're not seen on my blog any more :( youp abandoned it :(

  4. Yes you are around and I am so thankful for it, BUT need an update from you. What's new in India, how you feeling??

  5. Jason Says:

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments on my blog. Don't worry, the "edit posts" section of my blogger dashboard is full of half-written posts too. :-)

    Congratulations on your seven years in Delhi!

  6. Neha, your blogs are really good i have read few of them. Wish to see some more ahead...
    bingo!!! \m/