There was this time in July 2008 when I was frantically looking for a new place. The landlady of my then flat asked me to move out as her grandson was getting married and they needed rooms for the new couple. So, I was made the scapegoat.

Those who've tried looking for rented accommodation in Delhi, will understand my pain. Cursing my luck, I ventured out looking for a suitable option to move into, but even after a month of fishing around, nothing materialized.

And on the last day of the last week of my notice period, an agent showed me this place.

At the first look, I hated it!!! The owner of the place wad due for a knee replacement surgery and so could not climb to the third floor. The previous tenants had not bothered to close the balcony doors either and then being the monsoon season, the place was a disaster. I was sure I was not taking it.

Reluctantly, I walked in to see the rooms. Nothing great. I moved towards the balcony and I was held captive at once.

For there was this one place in that crowded area which did not overlook into another balcony! All I saw were trees followed by a playground beyond a government orphanage which were single storey rooms.

I stood out there for a while and reconsidered my decision. The place could be made into a home, for sure! And I took it.

Here is the view from my balcony, the one factor that made me take this place:

Isn't it so calm and green? Trust me, there are not many people in South Delhi who can boast of such a view from their balconies.

Everything was good till one morning a couple of weeks back when I found a heap of twigs lying in one corner of the balcony underneath the water cooler.

My experience told me what it was and I could not let it remain there. And of course I have my reasons for it:
  • Being underneath the water cooler meant that it will sooner or later drown in the water spilling over from the cooler.
  • I would definitely never let incessant chirping ruin my days and nights.
  • I cannot and will not let my favorite corner of the house to be occupied and forever dirty!
And so, it began.

The twice-a-day everyday battle. Every morning and every night!

After getting dressed for my morning walk, I go to the balcony, peep underneath the cooler and stretch my right leg to pull out the twigs. Then, I collect them, wave my hand with the pile before throwing them away.

And every evening, I repeat the exercise.

And they are always around.... perched nearby, looking at me.... probably cursing me. It is to them I wave before throwing the pile away.

To tell them that the place they have selected to build their sweet home is not a good choice.

To symbolize that not only a lurking cat, but even over flowing water means the end of their not-even-started family!

And that, I AM NOT willing to let them take my favorite corner!!

This battle (or struggle?) has been waging on for quite a few days now and neither of the side seems to be giving in. So whatever and whichever way it will be, I'd prefer to be called a home-breaker than a cold-blooded murderer!!!

Isn't that better of the two options, blogdosts?
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9 Responses
  1. phatichar Says:

    Birds can be pretty determined if they set out to be. What you could do is perhaps build a mesh around that area, or perhaps even below the cooler. Birds normally identify cool, roomy areas but preferably nooks, in this case - below the cooler. Building a mesh there might discourage them. Try it?

  2. Sneha Says:

    I completely understand your situation... I am facing the exactly same thing and no matter what I do these pigeons a re super duper fast in not only building but also laying eggs... :(
    I donot want to harm them but they leave not much option for me...!!!

  3. ashkd Says:

    The first half seemed like an experience of Konkana Sen in Wake Up Sid!! i actually loved her flat in the movie and it made me believe that it would be similar surreal and nice!! :-)

    I guess we all would have been home-breaker for umpteen number of times when we have forced the tress to be uprooted for our roads, home and so called development.. I think we all can accommodate nature in our lives if natures gives its signal for accommodation at equal condition.. check if the pigeon doesn't harm your privacy and then give it the chance to see your territory.. :P

  4. First time at your blog :)

    Yeah i've had this experience, because i live in a colony where there are more trees than humans! The number of birds that have built nests are around my house is.... a pretty long list!!
    But i agree.. you are actually doing them a favour here.. they shud be thankful! Waiting to know who won in the end ;)

    TheGirlAtFirstAvenue Follow if you like?

  5. I only home you can keep it under control now so it doesn't get worse. It looks like you have so much greenery in your backyard!

  6. Komal Laddha Says:

    I was going through the first para and i could recollect the scenes from "Wake up sid" one of my fav movies...
    About the later part i love to see these pigeons cuddle, put out water for them in summer but would definitely not allow them to intrude in my maintained place...
    Your writing style is impeccable and very coherently presented...

    And yes it is better to be called a 'home breaker' rather than 'cold murderer'..

  7. Hip Grandma Says:

    I've been offering a balcony for pigeons to breed since ages. But now it is a firm NO. I've removed the old chair and stool and wash it every day dashing their hope to start a family. They can be very messy and sorry,I've had enough of it.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Wow u r so lucky to hv such a beautiful view from ur balcony that too in South Delhi.I understand it's not easy to give up that beautiful corner to someone else;-)