So, this can unarguably be voted as the Most Ignored/Neglected Space in blogosphere! When did I really post last?? Wow, even I don't remember!

Nope, no blames, no excuses. That's okay that I have been nose diving in work and knee deep in everything else.

Someone said to me (while reminding that I had not updated my blog for a long time) that one should never stop doing things they love. And yes, I do love writing. I guess this is one of the few places where I can speak without any inhibitions or the fear of being judged. With the kind of restraint you have to put up everywhere else, it gets suffocating!

This is going to be a random post, rather an update, or may be an announcement - "I am still around".

I do log in to blogger and read posts almost every day and post comments too. They are a real respite and I love you, blogdosts, for that! If there is anything that keeps me sane and going in the mad rush of work life, it's got to be your posts, which are truly refreshing!

For those who emailed asking about my recovery post surgery, I am rocking good now! I'd better be, for I've been forewarned that if I'd ever need a surgery again, it would be without anesthesia!! No points for guessing who's threatened me like this!

So yes, health seems to be looking up (touch wood right now!!), work seems to be getting hectic by the day and life seems to be flying past. Can you believe it that we are already past four months this year! Someone seems to have pressed the fast forward button somewhere up there. 2011 is a special year and I want to live and relish every moment of it without it zipping past.

This is it - a quick Hi to all of you. Yes, I will try to be around here a little more ( many times I have said this before!!). You can stone me for not keeping my words, I won't complain.

See you around here real soon. Till then, take care and stay precious :)
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9 Responses
  1. Hi! :)
    So happy to hear that your health is better! I agree, this year is going WAY too fast!!!
    Thank you for your sweet comments!! They make my day...I love reading them!

  2. Anoop Says:

    :) good to see u happy... :)

    take care...

  3. Vishal Says:

    Hi Neha
    Glad to come across ur blog. I simply love the design in book form and the photos. It rocks..well, I try to write at least once a week and keep writing. As you truly said, it is a place where one writes without inhibitions.

  4. I am SOOOO glad you came back and posted because I have been checking for an update!!!

  5. Haddock Says:

    Good to see you back.
    Surgery w/o Anesthesia?
    I think I saw a news clipping or some thing like that where a lady volunteered for the same. She wanted to prove that all is in the mind. If you will yopue mind that there is no pain then there is no pain !!
    And they showed the operation in progress, complete with bone cutting and all....
    I know you must be cursing me for writing this.
    Don't worry, there will be no need for any surgery.

  6. Linhy Says:

    Like your blog and your pictures ! def. following you now! when you get a chance by by my blog and check it out and hopefully my writing will send you sparks so you can also become one of my followers too!

  7. Hi Neha,

    Glad to read that u r in better health. Wish you a fit life!

  8. Jason Says:

    The thing that's fun about blogging is there are no rules about how often to post. You can post once a day, once a month, or once a year ... it's all good! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  9. phatichar Says:

    Been a while since u blogged too, huh? Plans of coming back soon?