It's time!!!

The silence has to be broken.

The celebrations last Saturday when India won the World Cup showed that if we want, there can be no divide among us. We celebrated together.

Now it's time to stand together and express our solidarity towards our motherland.

Anna Hazare fasts for us, for our nation, for the youth, to eliminate the evil of corruption from our country.

Anna Hazare's success is our success.

The Jan Lokpal Bill is to free our society of the malice.

It is to hold those accountable who think that they can get away with any and everything!

Come together, fellow Indians!!!

....... To show the Rajas, Ranis and Kalmadis that they dare not mess with our country!

........ To announce to the corrupt that we will no more tolerate corruption!

....... To tell our corrupt politicians to better take their jobs seriously and serve the country not themselves and their families.

....... To give our country the beauty and honor it rightly deserves!

.........To make India cleaner and more beautiful!

....... to make our INDIA what we always dreamed of - Developed, Progressive & Free of corruption.

Anna Hazare has set an example. And it's for us to support him, to build pressure on the government to accept the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Come together, blogdosts and fight for our nation..... For You and For Me!

Raise your voice
You cannot let them overcome
Make your choice
It's you the one who stands inside your shoes
Raise your voice
You cannot fill your words with none
Make some noise
It's up to you to use or get abused

***Blogdosts in Delhi****
Let's meet tomorrow (April 9)at 8 a.m at Rajeev Chowk Metro Station and proceed towards Jantar Mantar to extend our support towards Anna & the Jan Lokpal Bill!

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5 Responses
  1. Ninu Says:

    we all should stand together to fight corruption....
    m with him..... hope all indians are....


  2. pRasad Says:

    we should come on street & participate in rallies for his support..
    Today I participated in one such surprise to see enthusiasm of people and large presence of girls ..
    Maybe tmrw we will get good news by govt :)

  3. Vijender : Says:

    Congz to all INDIANS!
    Hoping the Jan Lokpal Bill has a successful implementation and timely closure.

  4. Thinking of you all standing up for what you believe!

  5. Linhy Says:

    Like what you got going on here with your blog!
    food looks amazing!!when you get a chance come and stop by my blog sometimes and if you like what you see become of my follower!