I dread them!!!

Those long, thin devilish looking things that are meant to suck your precious blood!!

Or those that are meant to inject life (medicines) into your blood.

Yes, I dread injections and more so the sight of them. Doesn't matter how many times I have been given those. Those little devils and I can never see eye to eye. It's that simple!

It happened this morning when I went to give some blood samples for a few tests. I was fine all along till I saw those, neatly kept in a box. The phlebotomist tried his best to hide his grin when he saw this young-old woman stiff on the chair, with eyes shut tightly and fingers clenched.

Ohh yes, before that I sure did come across as a brave woman who walked in smartly, inquired about the tests, costs etc. and assured that she is prepared for her precious blood to be drawn.

And then the sight of those syringes did much to unnerve me. For the life of me, I'd barter anything to save myself from the trauma. That's what it is, people. A trauma. Of course, you can say that it's a little prick, that's all. All my life, I have heard my parents, my grandfather and friends console me with those words.

When the guy taps my inner elbow trying to look for 'the' vein, I secretly wish he never finds one. For if he doesn't, he won't be able to put that horrible thing in my sensitive veins! Though there are some of these ever persistent people. This one time, a nurse was unable to locate the vein to put an IV and punctured my elbow no less than a dozen times!! Only the Almighty knows what kept me from leashing out at her.

If I go back in history (my childhood seems like ancient history now!), this fear must have taken birth on one of those flu shot days in boarding. We were all made to stand in queue while taking those shots and witness the procedure as each of us were victimized in turns. The following days were spent in pain with only the other arm functional.

My first hospitalization was when I had just passed from school. Returning from a college entrance examination, I passed out and woke up to find myself in a hospital with a nurse adjusting the rate of the IV fluid. I fell asleep soon after only to wake up at night in immense pain and a swollen forearm. The nurses were called and they duly shifted the IV from my left hand to the right. Morning after, both my forearms resembled those of a baby elephant's!

Each of those days when I was taken for a blood test or a regular shot are edged deep in my memory. The nervousness, the fear, the pain, the agony... all still remain.

I always forget when I am to hold my fist tight and when to leave it loose.

My eyes shut tightly, I still take a peek through the corner of my eye to take a good look at my tormentor.

I keep reminding myself that it's just a little prick and when that damn thing touches me, I let out a little shriek.

I count the number of those bottles (I know they are far too little to be called that) the guy fills with my oh-so-precious blood.

I insist on having that little round band aid on the spot for as long as possible. After all, it's just been injured.

I love to look at the machine when the little devil (read 'my tormentor') is being destroyed to nothing!

And I feel all dizzy and faint after the gruesome experience.

And of course, like a true Virgo, I fret and worry till I don't see the reports and let my heart be in peace that 'all is well'! (Though not always!!)

So yes, if you want to see this self-proclaimed brave woman running for cover and calling out her 'Mamma', all you need to do is show her an injection and she will be out of sight alright!

Blogdosts, I am in for a surgery coming Monday I have managed to avoid for a year (though I was very close to it then too!). You might see more or less of me here, depending on my condition. Do pray that I recover soon enough and am back in action soon.

Till then, take care and stay healthy and precious :)
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15 Responses
  1. Take care and Get well soon! :)

  2. Haddock Says:

    That was a lot to undergo during cildhood I suppose.
    No wonder you have the needle scare now.
    But there is something terribly wrong in keeping the IV needle stuck to your hand (for the next shot)
    Something I don't agree to.

  3. Yogin Says:


    Thats quite an experience. I couldn't help but compare how the Pharmacist's in the US administer a shot.. They'll just catch you off-guard and almost poke you with the needle as if your arm was a dart board..

    I wish you a speedy recovery.. Its fun reading your blogs :)

  4. Aw, don't worry; you will get well really soon, ya bravo!?

  5. Neha Says:

    @ Megha - Thanks dear :)

  6. Neha Says:

    @ Haddock - IVs have always been a painful experience for me, more so when they pull it out....eeeekkss!!

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Yogin - Thanks Yogin. Though I feel that these guys are the same across the globe...poking and extracting blood!! :)

  8. Neha Says:

    @ Bhavesh - Thanks a lot....will be testing my strength next week for sure :)

  9. Vijender : Says:

    I know you will be back in action soon... till den... keep smiling
    a universal medicine !

  10. Thinking of you sweet Neha, hope everything goes as planned!

  11. Nells Says:

    well i hope you get better!
    you'll laugh but i find needless harmless!
    i have 6 tattoos and when i were a baby i loved to get vaccinated!!
    neways you posts are really
    your blog is great!
    visit my page if you like !would be happy to see you on it!

  12. Bikramjit Says:

    Yu take care and Dont worry everything will be fine .. GET WELL SOON ...


  13. Neha Says:

    @ Vijender - Ohh, yes. I am back :) . Thanks a ton

    @ Kelsey - Thank you dear. On way to recovery now :)

  14. Neha Says:

    @ Nells - Thank you so much. I visited your website and it looks great! Have bookmarked it :)

    @ Bikramjit - Thank you :)

  15. ashkd Says:

    hehe.. i can correlate it all very well.. i had a big injury on my chin when i was 6.. this was the third at the same place and the doctor suggested for stitches.. i was not at all ready for it.. i broke 2 syringes when he was about to put anesthesia. finally he had to do the just normal dressing.. when i was 22, i had another injury at the same place and this time again i got the normal dressing but it didnt stop bleeding and the next day i had to go with stitches.. i was so horrified that i was continuously getting support from my Bhabhi on phone.. hehe..

    similar thing had happened when i had gone for my first blood testing.. fingers crossed, no hospitatlisation for me till now..

    I wish you are back to perfectly normal state by now.. hope the time was great with some pampering and care by near and dear ones.. :-) Get well soon!! :-)