So, the trauma is over. Well, almost! It's not always a nice experience in a hospital. In fact, it never is!

I was all pepped up Monday morning. A look at me and you couldn't tell that I was to check in to a hospital for the first ever surgery of my life in less than two hours. I was not able to make up my mind as to what I should wear!!! Yes, that's how it was; I wanted something comfortable and presentable.

Anyhow, I did check in looking all in place, as if I belonged there! I was showed to my room and then it happened. The realization of it all. I sat down on the couch, reluctant to even touch the bed. In no time, the nurses appeared with their trays filled with God-knows-what. An IV was fixed in my right inner forearm and an allergy testing (or anti-allergic, whatever it was) fluid was injected in my left. I shrieked with pain. No sooner was this through, the ward boys appeared with a surgical gown and a stretcher. I insisted I could walk, but they would not relent.

Soon I was being wheeled on a stretcher to the OT. And by then, the so-called brave me had given in and I was crying cats and dogs, even horses and elephants! Tears were streaming down both sides while I looked on helplessly. My first trip to an operation theatre, and I was hating every bit of it.

The anaesthetist was a kind person with soft looks and gentle voice. He assured me all will be well and began small talk. He asked how come I had never seen an operation theatre while I was engaged to a surgeon. I was quick to reply that 'he' was the surgeon, not me! Then he asked how did I land a surgeon and I don't know what I said to that. For then, he had injected me with something and next I knew I was in post-op, crying out in pain.

The night after was traumatic with painkillers being injected in my veins every two hours. Never before has a night been as long and wretched.

But after all of that, I survived! Oh, yes, I did!! And thanks to you all, blogdosts, for your prayers and good wishes. Though I am still bed-ridden for the next few days, the pain and agony is over. The post surgery complications remain and will take their time to resolve. But I am happy. Though not exactly I fighter, I am a survivor after all!!

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  1. Neha Says:

    you reminded me of my first surgery..I was pretty calm and I walked to the operation theatre..the doctors were mildly surprised as my BP was completely normal..they usually see the cases of either a bit high or low BP..I was THAT normal..when I became conscious, it turned out that they did two operations at a time! and I got stitches on abdomen too as they did appendix as well as intestine surgery on me! I was in a terrible pain for first 4 days n then it became fine :)

    what surgery you got done? hope all ok now..take care :)

    PS: the whole comment is about me..sorry :P

  2. Amit Gupta Says:

    get well soon, tk care.

  3. I am happy that the worst is over.You will be up n about soon..appreciate ur blogging even while in ur bed-rest
    period! My prayers and wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Neha - I think I was just like that when I went in to the OT. Thanks for sharing. I have been feeling wretched for over a week now and it just doesn't go. :(

    @ Amit - Thanks a lot :)

    @ My cooking experiments - Thanks for your wishes :)

  5. hope u r up and splashing soon;all the best and wishing u a very speedy recovery

  6. Danish Says:

    Get Well Soon! BTW, what surgery did u go through?


  7. Well, glad you doing well after all those trauma in the surgery room. I've never had a surgery yet and hopefully wont :-)

    however I've had dreadful childhood experiences on Hospitals which makes me hate em [hospitals] to the core.

    Anyhow, have good life, cya

  8. I am so glad you are on the UP from here!!! Take care of yourself!

  9. Vijender : Says:

    Where has neha gone :-)

  10. Hey hope you are feeling much better now!