I confess that I AM one of the many superstitious sports followers who would not move an inch if the Indian side is performing/batting well (in this case, cricket), or will religiously change the channel if at all the team is not performing. As if it's me and my movements that control the game!

So last night was one such night. No sooner had I tuned in to watch India's innings, Yusuf gave three six in a row. And that was it. Being the superstitious fan that I am, I did not change the channel and dozed off while watching the match. Yes, yes, I know that it was exciting enough, but guys, it was almost 1 am!!

Then sometime in the middle, I woke up to find that we just needed few more runs to win. I struggled with sleep and finally won and managed to stay awake till the winning run. I switched off the television promptly and snuggled into my bed.

Just then, I felt it.

My bed was shaking, and shaking vigorously! Before I could realize what was happening, the steel almirah (cupboard) and the television cabinet were shaking and producing the scariest sound I had ever heard!

Yes, it was an earthquake!! I snatched my mobile from the bed and ran towards the balcony, shaken, shivering and dead scared. (On retrospect, I should have caught hold of my handbag too!)

The earthquake had come and gone and woken many from their sleep as gradually, the houses in the area had the lights on and people were on their terrace or balconies. All shaken like me and looking around quizzically.

Standing outside past 2 am in the morning in a t-shirt and pyjamas, with not a shred of woolen clothes had me shivering from cold soon after the fear died down.

Back in my room I weighed my chances. Living on the 3rd floor, I sure could not have survived had the tremor been stronger! This was the second one felt in about two months, the first one being far slighter. Even if I did try to run, I would not have reached the ground floor. Even if I managed that (only possible if I jumped from my balcony!), I would not have been able to reach any open area. Why? Well, don't question my running ability here. With the buildings and population around, even the closest park seems crowded and cramped!

I woke up in the morning and asked the first person I meet every day about the earthquake. No points for guessing. Yes, my maid! Well, she didn't feel a thing and slept through all the commotion.

Keeping all the excitement for later, I started for work. My office is ten minutes away from the metro station, and the walk in the sub-lane is safe, though a little bumpy and dusty, with all the construction work going around.

I was a few meters away from the turn to my workplace, when this taxi came from nowhere and screeched to a halt inches in front of me!!!

This time I had no time to react. I just stared. Rather, glared at the driver. The suddenness of the moment left me speechless and maybe white! I walked past the car, still too shocked to react.

As I recollected myself, the realization dawned. Not once, but twice!

Twice, I had felt a similar kind of fear within 10 hours.

Twice, I fell all white and may be helpless!

Twice, I felt that this was IT!!!!

Any lessons learnt?

Of course, yes!
  1. If at all an earthquake comes, I will run out intact with as many sweaters, jackets, socks and may be shoes!
  2. My next accommodation (if at all!) will be on the ground floor, right next to an open park.
  3. I am going to xerox and post all important paperwork home!!!
  4. I will learn some good cussing words, to ensure that next time I am not left speechless and have enough to scare the driver from doing anything like that again!!!
  5. Last but not the least, I am going to be a bit more careful and yes, thankful to Him for his small and big mercies on me. (I am a good girl, ain't I?)
Blogdosts, fret not! I am fine and safe. Both these incidents will serve as good stories to discuss for few days to come. Till then, pray that I have more funny things to tell you and not such scary ones :)

Take care and stay precious :)
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6 Responses
  1. ashkd Says:

    I believe this thing for Cricket works with me only for Sachin.. If i start to see his innings then i cant switch channel, as soon as i do he gets out.. Or, if i hadnt seen his first ball then better not to see the current one as he is sure to be out on the same delivery.. :-)

    I always feel quite scared of Earthquakes.. the worst thing in life would be to be found out stuck in some concrete building in some awry position and a big cutter required to snatch you out.. Never ever want it..

  2. Yogin Says:

    Hey there... haven't been reading your blog for sometime, so I was glad to catch your post on FB with the link to the blog...

    I saw this match in bits and pieces too, and loved the way Pathan changed the game in our favor..

    I'm glad you're ok after both the instances..

  3. Neha Says:

    @ ashkd - Very true. I too would never like a death like that. Sounds scary.

    @ Yogin - Good to hear from you after a long time. Pathan sure batted well and helped win the match. The last two games have been similar in terms of the excitement. Hope we win the next and so the series :)

  4. Goodness, girl! I'd need some anxiety medication after all that if I were you!! haha!! :) I've never felt an earthquake, but I can only assume they're frightening! So happy you're alright!

  5. Haddock Says:

    That must have been quite an experience (the earthquake)
    The best place to run to is an open space, Terrace / bacony anything.
    Don't ever make the mistake of running down the stairs or use the lift

  6. Bikramjit Says:

    :) good ot hear you are fine a funny incident happend a few years back , I was in deep sleep and i heart this deep crunching noise with some shaking I thought someone was in the house so i did and DONT LAUGH please picked my hockey stick and raced downstairs to the lounge nothing then ran out of the hosue and looked

    not a single person on the road after 5 - 10 minutes a window opened and a lady shouted DID YOU FEEL THAT :) then i realised it was a earthquake and the whole street was asleeep :)