Of course, I remember promising that I will share more of the changes that I am bringing (or at least trying to) in and around myself. Remember the anger management part. Ironically enough, I happened to lose my cool the same day I wrote the post! But I was against exhibiting it and ended up with a bad migraine. What they say is true - it's hard (and painful) to give up on old habits!

Okay, so the next on my list was my health. For the records, I was in the hospital in the first half of January 1, 2011! Oh yes, I managed to fall sick close to New Year's eve and while everyone was busy planning their 31st evening, I was trying to get an appointment with my doctor. So January 1 it was!

Meeting a doctor is always scary. They sure prepare you for the worst that your respective ailment has to offer. My doctor was no different and she told me in no fancy words that I need to "actually" take care of myself unless I want a surgery happening!

The message was straight and clear. And I did not want to take a chance. In fact, I'd never want to. My next step was getting all the information I could to eating right and staying healthy. Starting January 4, I was on my way. It's said it takes at least 21 days to make a habit. So I waited over 21 days to post/blog about this [clever me! :)].

Here are few of the things I am doing. And they have worked great for me till now!
  • I start the day with a glass of warm water with half a lime juice and 4-5 soaked almonds. This is my first meal of the day and healthy too!
  • Eating small meals or fruits regularly every 2-2.5 hours - and you know something! This way I am actually feeling fuller and more active. Even when I go out (not work), I carry apples and biscuits in my bag. [If you follow this, remember not to carry anything when going out for a movie; else, don't blame me if the security lady there makes you forsake a 'more-precious-than-diamonds' apple or your 'costlier-than-gold' orange/guava. Yes, I think about inflation too!]
  • A plate of salad with every meal. I carry a lot of it to work every day.
  • Cut down on tea/coffee and other drinks. I am not a big fan of tea or coffee, cold drinks I quit years ago and packed juices don't entice me either. So that was not difficult at all.
  • Drinking lots and lots of water! Something between 2-3 litres a day.
  • Dinner latest by 8 pm. Works for me else I end up eating endlessly on reaching home after office.
Let's count. It's been exactly 24 days now. Wait, wait...I am not a bundle of goodness or a strict disciplinarian! To be honest, all this goes for a toss on weekends and holidays as I am either not motivated enough or succumb to peer pressure. Yet, I try to have my quota of fruits and salads and even when eating out, I opt for the healthier options.

I have been doing fine on it till now and plan to stick to it for as long as I can/am able to. Blogdosts, please hope and pray that I am abide by it for as long as possible!

P.S - Anyone willing to try the healthier way, feel free to drop me an email and I will send you some charts and samples.

Till then, take care and stay precious :)
I confess that I AM one of the many superstitious sports followers who would not move an inch if the Indian side is performing/batting well (in this case, cricket), or will religiously change the channel if at all the team is not performing. As if it's me and my movements that control the game!

So last night was one such night. No sooner had I tuned in to watch India's innings, Yusuf gave three six in a row. And that was it. Being the superstitious fan that I am, I did not change the channel and dozed off while watching the match. Yes, yes, I know that it was exciting enough, but guys, it was almost 1 am!!

Then sometime in the middle, I woke up to find that we just needed few more runs to win. I struggled with sleep and finally won and managed to stay awake till the winning run. I switched off the television promptly and snuggled into my bed.

Just then, I felt it.

My bed was shaking, and shaking vigorously! Before I could realize what was happening, the steel almirah (cupboard) and the television cabinet were shaking and producing the scariest sound I had ever heard!

Yes, it was an earthquake!! I snatched my mobile from the bed and ran towards the balcony, shaken, shivering and dead scared. (On retrospect, I should have caught hold of my handbag too!)

The earthquake had come and gone and woken many from their sleep as gradually, the houses in the area had the lights on and people were on their terrace or balconies. All shaken like me and looking around quizzically.

Standing outside past 2 am in the morning in a t-shirt and pyjamas, with not a shred of woolen clothes had me shivering from cold soon after the fear died down.

Back in my room I weighed my chances. Living on the 3rd floor, I sure could not have survived had the tremor been stronger! This was the second one felt in about two months, the first one being far slighter. Even if I did try to run, I would not have reached the ground floor. Even if I managed that (only possible if I jumped from my balcony!), I would not have been able to reach any open area. Why? Well, don't question my running ability here. With the buildings and population around, even the closest park seems crowded and cramped!

I woke up in the morning and asked the first person I meet every day about the earthquake. No points for guessing. Yes, my maid! Well, she didn't feel a thing and slept through all the commotion.

Keeping all the excitement for later, I started for work. My office is ten minutes away from the metro station, and the walk in the sub-lane is safe, though a little bumpy and dusty, with all the construction work going around.

I was a few meters away from the turn to my workplace, when this taxi came from nowhere and screeched to a halt inches in front of me!!!

This time I had no time to react. I just stared. Rather, glared at the driver. The suddenness of the moment left me speechless and maybe white! I walked past the car, still too shocked to react.

As I recollected myself, the realization dawned. Not once, but twice!

Twice, I had felt a similar kind of fear within 10 hours.

Twice, I fell all white and may be helpless!

Twice, I felt that this was IT!!!!

Any lessons learnt?

Of course, yes!
  1. If at all an earthquake comes, I will run out intact with as many sweaters, jackets, socks and may be shoes!
  2. My next accommodation (if at all!) will be on the ground floor, right next to an open park.
  3. I am going to xerox and post all important paperwork home!!!
  4. I will learn some good cussing words, to ensure that next time I am not left speechless and have enough to scare the driver from doing anything like that again!!!
  5. Last but not the least, I am going to be a bit more careful and yes, thankful to Him for his small and big mercies on me. (I am a good girl, ain't I?)
Blogdosts, fret not! I am fine and safe. Both these incidents will serve as good stories to discuss for few days to come. Till then, pray that I have more funny things to tell you and not such scary ones :)

Take care and stay precious :)
It's difficult for me to put down a book I'm reading. Yeah, it's kind of irritating for people around me sometimes. I always carry a book with me and can read anywhere anytime.

I read when I stand in long queues; I read when I am commuting or travelling; I read before going to bed; I read while waiting for my turn at the Doctor's.

In short, I read whenever I'm able to scrape those five minutes out.

Hence, long distances or extra waiting time don't trouble me as long as I have a good book alongside.

**Once I had these last two pages to complete of 'Night in Rodanthe', which I did after getting ready to go somewhere, standing, with the television blaring in the background.

One of my favorite time to read is in the metro train. It's convenient and comfortable. And I actually look forward to it.

So there I was, completely absorbed in 'Six Suspects' (by Vikas Swarup), clutching my handbag in one hand and holding the book in the other, absolutely oblivious to the world around me. When I heard something.

**I rarely hear anything when I am reading. While travelling/commuting, I look up to check the station name at regular intervals to ensure that I don't miss my stop. I never hear the announcements!

So I heard something.

No, it wasn't any music or a blast (God forbid!).

It wasn't someone falling or shouting or laughing.

It was someone munching. M-U-N-C-H-I-N-G.

Munching away at God-knows-what and producing the most obnoxious sound I have ever heard.

First I tried to concentrate on my reading and that is usually easy for me. Not this time!

I had to look up to see who it was. And there she sat, with the right ankle resting on the left knee, looking around and munching away.

This went on for the next few minutes, until I gave up and kept my book away. Letting out a sigh, I sat back and could not help but stare at the lady sitting across me.

She was in her own world, peering out of the glass windows every now and then, and still munching ever so loudly.

Then I knew that I am still not as good at concentrating as I thought I was! For here was this lady, whose munching not just distracted me but also made me keep my book away.

*Sigh* The things that I just don't have control over :(
24 Days to be exact. Yes, that's how long I have been away. Not so much from this space as I read others' blogs pretty regularly, but just that I don't write too often.

A blogdost wrote saying that blogging happens in phases. I can agree on this for myself, but when I see others writing so regularly, it sort of makes me feel guilty for not doing so myself. And then, I just received a few emails asking if all was well as I hadn't updated my blog for sometime.

Ohh, yes. All is well. And if anything doesn't tend to be, I make it so :). Yes, that's the new me now. Those of you who read the last few posts would know what this is all about.

And so even before the new year, I had ushered in the new 'me'.

No New Year resolutions for me.

No promises that I won't be able to keep.

No goals that seem too high and far from reachable.

No targets that beat me down instead.

And no aims that may eventually aim to get me into self-pity mode!

Well, I definitely am not forsaking the world or becoming a recluse. I am simply trying to make things better for myself.

My first step - anger management. Oh yes! I have a real bad temper. It takes some time to make me angry but when I do, I am bad! Basically then, I don't care!!!

I haven't had this forever! It just became a more dominant part of me off late. There was a time when Dadaji said that I am too patient and I need to take things more aggressively. Guess all that built up over time. For a few years by myself in Delhi and I had become this angry young woman! Of course, I have suffered enough due to this.

So when I began my backward journey, this was on top of my mind.

On retrospection, I am happy. I am not there yet...but on my way for sure.

Rest assured there are no tips I can share or any book I'd recommend. I have none! I am only trying to know myself better, trying to understand myself and what triggers that kind of behavior.

Trust me, making yourself see logic is far difficult than trying to make someone else do it. For me to do it, I need to get away from the situation/person, and give myself time. And it seems to be working.

How do I know?

'Well, just day before yesterday someone said to me, "Yes, you have not lost your temper that way for some time now."

That sure was a compliment!

So it seems like a new beginning from here. Things are looking up and I am keen to make them only better from here.

Disclaimer - I cannot and should not be asked for tips on anger management. Like stated earlier, I have none. And yes, self help books never work for me :). And yes, this is not the only change. I am keeping others for more posts. Be patient :)

Blogdosts, I do intend to making some good changes here too, which includes the design. If you have any suggestions, do send those to me. This design bores even me now :(. So come on, help me to bring about some more positive change around me :)

Waiting to hear from you.

Take care and stay precious :)
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