We all want to learn.
We all want to achieve.
We all want to succeed.
We need to help those who can’t on their own.
Standing at a traffic light, several children approach us begging for alms. We shoo them away.

So many of us have maids and servants whose children are working for extra income in the family.

We all visit roadside dhabas and small restaurants for food and drinks and promptly call out to the small boy serving!

And we all say we wished that every child in our country received education, but such things remain in our talks only.

All of us think and feel the need to do our bit towards the society, and never know from where to begin. 24 hours a day are never enough and weekends are always too short. Yet, not always do we have to share our time as there are ways through which we can reach out to those who really need us.

But before we sit and curse the lack of time and energy for things we want to do, but cannot do; let's visit Vidya and Child. I urge you all to click here once and see for yourself what a big difference a small initiative can make. I agree we cannot change the world, but we can bring a difference to a small part of the world around us.

My cousin has been associated with Vidya and Child for over ten years now. I have visited a couple of their school functions and the calibre and capabilities of the children have always amazed me. Greeted with a cheerful 'Namaste', they go on to exhibit their talent so confidently!

Come forward to do your bit for those children who have every right to education, every right to fulfill their dreams, but lack resources.

Please support by clicking on the link below:

This festive season, let's spread cheer & happiness in the lives of underprivileged children by giving them what they rightfully deserve – education. Let's support this institution, which is selflessly working towards the betterment of our society. Currently, Vidya & Child reaches out to over 800 children.

Come forward to gift a lifetime of joy to those little ones who have lost their smiles amidst poverty and illiteracy. For if we can't do the little bit that's within our means, we lose the right to shun the beggar boy asking him to go to a school the next time he taps on our car window.

I'm counting on those near and dear to me to help Vidya and Child achieve its dreams. Remember, every donation helps and no donation is too small. Is it too much I am asking of you blogdosts?

You can maximize your impact as Vidya & Child stands a chance to win a matching grant from GiveIndia to the tune of Rs 12 Lacs.

You will get 80G receipt via email soon after your transaction for tax deduction purposes (For donations coming in from bank accounts in India).

Five minutes of your precious time could be life changing for a child in need. So go for it and make a difference. Thank you in advance for your support, blogdosts! Let's spread more smiles this festival, bringing more lights in the lives of many!

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