A full-on weekend! Yes, that's what it was like this last Saturday and Sunday. A big trait of a Virgo woman is the meticulous planning she puts into every event, even a weekend! I decided to let go off it this time. A less-planned-more-impromptu trip to a friend's place had me all replenished to look forward to the coming week.

You know what happens when two friends meet after a long time. So much to talk about and you guessed it right, so much gossip!!! The subject may vary, but the core remains just that. So while, we women are obsessed with clothes and shoes and chocolates, we are equally obsessed with 'gossip'!

No wonder then that Sneha and I talked away the whole Saturday night. We talked about cooking, friends, family, shopping....the list can go on and on. Even the delicious chhole-bhature, which she cooked for dinner and which I overate could not let slumber fall on us while we pursued (over?) our bestest hobby - gossip!!! Poor soul had to go for an early morning lecture on Sunday and could barely get some sleep, while I slept through till noon!

Sunday was a bit planned though. And the planning was for lunch only. A big, healthy and delicious South Indian meal at the famous Laxmi's in Noida. I skipped breakfast to be able to enjoy each course. And it sure was heavenly!

I started gorging with this awesome dahi badas (lentil dumplings in curd)! Don't these look so appetizing!

The main course consisted of a Rawa Masala Dosa (pancake made of rice and black lentils stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes) and butter milk!

And then the best part - South Indian filtered coffee!

Don't these just look amazing. Of course, I could not have anything after all this the entire day! But it was worth every bite and spoon and sip!

Have a good week ahead, blogdosts! take care and stay precious :)

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3 Responses
  1. Scribbler Says:

    that sounds like one awesome meal and day :)

  2. libran83 Says:

    Finaalllyyyy the blogger's block is over... ;)

    a nice lively cheerful read...

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Scribbler - It sure was!

    @ libran83 - Thank dear :)