A rebel as always, I chose to celebrate the 101st post, rather than the norm 100th! So, before I speak, .... errrr write....., further, join me in singing - Happy 101st post to me!!!! :))

Going by my averages and trend, I am one laid back blogger. When I started blogging actively, I thought I'd be able to write at least one post in 2-3 days. And I quite successfully did that too for quite some time. But then, those were the days when anything and everything inspired me to write. Subjects were in plenty and it used to be difficult for me to pick one over another. And now, I seem to be looking for a subject to write - almost everything seems too boring or uninteresting or not worth blogging. While I am still inspired to write on a few things, ideas vanish when I actually begin to write!

I am bad with keeping promises too. Every time I promise to write more, I disappear completely! I still struggle to find the time to update this space little more often that I do. And I really marvel at all my fellow bloggers who are able to do it so effortlessly. Hats off to you, blogdosts! You need to share the recipe, errr....the secret, with me.

I'll keep this post dedicated to my super achievement! More later :)

PS: My maid finally returned last Sunday! It's been a long time since I felt so happy and, of course, relieved!!

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9 Responses
  1. Congratulations :)
    Keep up the good work :D

  2. Brittany Ann Says:

    Happy 101, dear friend!

  3. Aw! It's quite evident that you were busy cooking :) Hope the recipe, err… the secret rises in you again soon :)

    Happy blogging!

  4. Congrats to you girl!! 101 it is .... and I need a maid. STAT!

  5. SUFFIX Says:

    Crossed the century!! Congrats!!

  6. Unruly Rebel Says:

    wow...2-3 posts a day, i thot 2-3 posts a month would make me an active blogger, now i guess either you are a super human, or i am a super lazy human, mite be both...
    anyways congrats for cumin so far.. :)

  7. Neha Says:

    @ All - Thanks :)