The world looked blurred from a distance. And it had been that way for quite a few days now. Everything I saw, everything I did, all lacked clarity. It seemed like a cloud enveloped my vision.

For those who guessed it - yes, it was my eyesight! I was first advised to wear spectacles when I was in class 7. The very idea of looking a little studious and, of course, serious with a bespectacled look appealed to me! My father lost it when he saw me in my new avatar and my mother kept a new name for me - buddhhi! (old woman!)

This new look soon lost its sheen and while I kept updating the frames every year, I never really wore them. Except for those rare occasions when I'd suddenly remember that I own a pair of those nerdy glasses! Though I'll admit they worked wonders in a debate competition, for if nothing else they gave me that look of maturity judges expect from the speakers. Of course, they also came in handy when I had to cramp up notes for the annual exams in not more than twenty four hours.

That was it...until now! Now, the moment I switch on the system I put on my glasses. For without them, I feel handicapped. And little by little, the realization has dawned! My eyesight is getting weaker!

I can go on to blame.....
..... my job which makes me sit at the computer for 10-12 hours every day! laptop to which I am glued for the next 2-3 hours after work! addiction to reading. I always carry a book and read whenever I can!
....and MOST IMPORTANTLY - ME for not wearing glasses regularly!

So while I can blame any or all of the above, there is no escape from not wearing specs anymore. The latest check-up indicated a decrease in the eyesight and consequently an increase in the lens power! And with that little change in the lens, the world became clearer. So here I am, glued to the monitor, writing away and reading too...but none without my bespectacled look!

(The bespectacled me giving a presentation last week)
To say that I am enjoying wearing these would be a lie. Wonder if it's just my carelessness or age showing up (sigh!).

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5 Responses
  1. Yogin Says:

    The look does suit you..

  2. Brittany Ann Says:

    I know they might be a pain, but you look wonderful in them at least!

  3. Zainab Says:

    hmm so finally u wear it regularly! btw it luks gud on u !........ nice pic , nice top n nice 'U' :)

  4. Zainab Says:

    hmm! finally u wear it regularly!... btw it looks gud on u ....
    nice pic , nice top n nice 'U' :)

  5. of course its age!! he he

    and this work life balance presentation...more than the audience i guess u need to attend this session. :D