Don't you feel like acting mean, rude and shrewd sometimes? Or do you always want to be the goody-goody, lovey-dovey person? Trust me these past few days, I have got enough opportunities, and been tempted too, to put it across at people's faces!
...people who do not matter to me....
....people who have absolutely no significance in my life and neither I have in their's (so it's mutual)....
....and those people who would not care any less for me, had they not wanted a favor or help or maybe just that extra attention...

Yes, such people! And when such people call again and again, they barely know what test they are putting my patience to! They don't know me as well as to sense the indifference in my voice. Therefore, it'd be unjust to blame them.

You might tell me not to be bothered and not to let it linger on in my mind. Trust me, it doesn't! For two minutes after the call is disconnected, I am back to what I was/have been doing. However, the time spent in trying to suppress the ever-growing irritation during the call and then another two minutes of trying to vent it out after the call are, at times, too much to handle.

So, the next time I receive a call from a person, who grudged me for my position at work and who questioned my capabilities as his/her manager (obviously not saying anything to me directly), asking me to see is there is a suitable position in my new team in my new office, I want to say that I don't have positions for people who'd only backbite and only create a negative atmosphere!

So, the next time I receive a call from a person, who is actually not a friend and with whom I have merely exchanged greetings sometimes, complaining that I never answer calls nor do I bother to call back, I want to say that I am obliged to do neither.

The next time when a so-called friend, who hasn't bothered to call for ages, asks me to do that little favor of editing the resume or doing a small write-up, I want to make count the number of times when I tried to reach out to them and they didn't care to respond.

And I'd do all this while thanking them in some corner of my heart.
For if they had not been the way they are, I would not have known the value of others around me.
For if they had not behaved the way they did, I would have lived on in my world of illusions.

I would have, then, still thought that everyone around me loved and cared the way I did.
I would have, then, not half respected and valued all those who take the brunt of my anger, which was actually meant for that some other selfish being.
I would have, then, still believed that everyone can be trusted for I hadn't yet wronged them.
I would have, then, still not really understood the way the world works.

And yet, I would still love to give them that little piece of my mind. I would make enemies, I know. I am in those moods these days when the after-effects cease to matter anymore. Any remedy for this, blogdosts?

And yes, I know I vanish after making fake promises of posting regularly. Blame it on no one else, but me! I am experiencing bloggers' block and for once, I seem to have run out of words to write! I am trying to get back....hang on...

Some of my blogdosts also reminded me of the contest that I started last December, but dropped midway. I'd like to start it again. With this being the first post this month, I'd send a gift to two blogdosts who leave the first two comments on each post. This is valid for all posts this month! And I'll send a special gift to that 'one' blogdost who leaves a comment regularly this month.

I hope I made up for being away for so long.

Will come back soon with more. Till then, take care, blogdosts, and stay precious.

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10 Responses
  1. Neha Says:

    I am a super mean girl most of the times with such friends..and it's best that way..why to give bhaav to people who don't deserve it right?

    I am first :D

  2. Amandeep Says:

    I love the way you write and express yourself!! :)
    Dunno when i'll get over my blogging block...

    P.S. Word verification sats "opidi" That's weird coz a hospital's OPD is what i have to face tomorrow... :(

  3. Zainab Says:

    i dont believe this .... even iam in the same mood these days. y such ppl are around us??

  4. Neha Says:

    @ Neha - you are right...they don't deserve the bhaav....
    and email me your address now :)

    @ Yogin - So true! It's best to ignore! Btw, send me your 'NY' address :)

    @ Aman - Thanks dear...and kya hua? Why the OPD?

    @ Zainab - we always have these mood swings together...our husbands will get the time to sulk together this way :))

  5. Melissa G. Says:

    Don't feel bad about not posting regularly. Just come chat when you can and share what you want. Don't feel pressure to post all the time.

  6. Brittany Ann Says:

    I know what you mean. Those people grate on my nerves, too. Just hang in there! And no worries about us! Post when you can!

  7. Chatterbox Says:

    So good to see you back :)
    People can be real nasty and mean at times, getting onto our nerves and hurting us at no fault of ours.
    I actually don't mind being mean to ruthless people once in a while.

    It is impossible to be a loving soul all the time in a world full of mean friends. Sometimes a change is good and called for.

    Wow! the contest thing sounds pretty interesting :D :D

    Take care dear :D

  8. There are only 3 AM friends and rest are mere acquaintances.

  9. Neha Says:

    @ Melissa - You are right; though, not writing for a long time makes me feel something is amiss. Blogging is something that comes naturally, and when I don't do that, I don't feel like myself.

    @ Brittany - :))

    @ Chatterbox - I need to start being like that, at least once in a while. Should be a good change.

    And hope to send some goodies your way to Australia too :)

    @ Sanjeev - Very true :)