It's already almost the mid of the month (Lower thy brow....I did say almost!) and this would be my first post! Before I give in any excuses, I'd tell you that I'll be equally infrequent here for the rest of the month too! Well, nothing to really say much about it here, but I have been making some new friendships lately and they are keeping me and will keep me quite occupied. And before you go on to guess about my new found interest's', let me be the first to tell you. Yeah, it's the doctors and medicines and hospitals again!

You know what! I have been gifted with this really superb thing of having some new (and unheard of!) ailment every once in a while. And at those times, when I may rejoice for not having fallen sick and visited a hospital for sometime, darkness looms and I find myself struggling with a sickness I've never heard of before! And most people around me are equally unaware!!!

This year has been special. Since Day 1, I have been visiting various specialists ensuring that they don't get out of job. There was this time when I was taking medicines for four different things from four specialists, when, one fine day, I called it quit and left having either of them altogether! The very sight of medicines was making me sick. I fared well too. Suddenly, all of those little creepy and unwanted things (read ailments) started to disappear and I felt good and healthy again, with a stronger resolution to stay that way always.

But alas, that was not to be, and here I am, with another strange, peculiar and unheard of ailment. And it only gets serious with time as after trying to treat it for sometime now, the doctor says that our last resort is a surgery!!! Yeah yeah, you got it right! I am in for a very minor surgery, which the doc says will help me recover soon. Well, the doc knows best, so I'll leave it to her to decide the best medication.

As for me, I am nervous. OK, I have been admitted to a hospital many times, but the very thought of a scalpel gives me goosebumps. Though I have asked all my colleagues to visit me with fruits and not waste money on flowers and am ensuring that all my relatives in Delhi are very much in person with me while I undergo this little ordeal. Don't get me wrong there! To avoid any sort of hassles to my near and dear ones, I have already done and completed all the necessary paperwork, and by the way, that includes getting the admission slip too!!! So, you see, I have been quite a good girl :). However, I surely need all the moral support that their presence will bring to the dull and lonely private room of the private hospital where I'm supposed to check in tomorrow morning!

But worry not, blogdosts, for I'll be back soon and will ensure that I make up for the lost time and read all that I may miss during these days.

Till then, take care and stay precious, my blogdosts :)

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9 Responses
  1. Yogin Says:

    Holy Sweet Mother of God! Damn, girl. I had no idea you were THAT sick... Prayers for a speedy recovery. I had wanted to talk to you about something but that can wait till you get back..

    Keep me posted on the latest and all the Best!!

  2. Neha Says:

    take care girl...everything will be fine..and you will be back in no time :))) my good wishes are always with you.. >(hugs)<

  3. Chatterbox Says:

    That's real serious girl :(

    Take care buddy...stay strong!!

    Praying for your speedy recovery, we all shall wait for your return to the blogging world feeling fitter and healthier soon.

    Take care :)

  4. Melissa G. Says:

    Aw Neha, i'm sorry to hear you are not well.

    I wish i was there to bring you some flowers and fruit! =) By the way, Brittany makes the best fruit salad! =)yum!

    Anyway, i'll be asking the Lord for a special peace for you tomorrow as you go for your surgery.

    Let us know how you're doing.

  5. God Bless you and get well soon....

  6. I'm Nu Says:

    get well REAL soon and COME BACK here quickly :) hugs..keep me posted on FB

  7. I'll be praying everything goes smoothly!! Get well soon...we'll miss you!

  8. Brittany Ann Says:

    Oh no! I didn't know it was that bad! I'm praying for you!