Yes, blogdosts, I need you again! It might sound selfish of me, yet, there is no other way that I can think of to gather good thoughts, prayers and that is exactly what Kati needs today.

A colleague and a very good friend and human being, she has been fighting a lone battle against cancer for over a decade now. Currently, she is in the ICU in a hospital in Boston. She had been in India for nine months till September last year and had been undergoing chemotherapy here. However, her health deteriorated when she reached US and it's worse now. The medicines and therapies don't seem to be working and as prayers work more than medicines....I urge you to keep her in your prayers as she needs them most today and so does her family and friends.

Though I have known her for less than a year, she is an epitome of strength and inspiration for everyone around her. Even after having told that she would need to take chemotherapy as the last resort to cure her cancer, her zest for living life to the fullest never took a back seat and she made many friends in a country where she hardly knew the local language! A very determined and strong lady, she never let go of her positive attitude. We, from office, took turns to be with her at the hospital during her chemo sessions and once she would wake up, we'd discuss the latest books, movies, theatre and so many other things. While leaving for the US, she gifted me a stack of books, including the Twilight series, and promised to make it to my wedding whenever it takes place.

I want her to keep her promise and I need you, blogdosts, to help her. Please pray that she copes and recovers and wins against the odds. Please pray that she walks out from the hospital as her smiling and healthy self again. Please pray that our Kati wins this battle and emerges victorious.

Prayers work miracles and we've proved that once before on this blog. Let's do it again, blogdosts.

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18 Responses
  1. Chatterbox Says:

    Best wishes for your friend's speedy recovery.
    Will surely keep her in my prayers.
    May she get well soon.

    Take care :)

  2. I'm Nu Says:

    Kati is very lucky to have you as her friends Neha !

    She will be in my prayers,sure!

    Shall pary for you too to get out of bed now...jaldi theek ho jao :)

  3. My best wishes...may she recover quickly and enjoy a sound health..

  4. Yogin Says:

    I got to know of her condition earlier this week, and couldn't believe it. Thanks for spreading the news to get more thoughts and prayers for her.

  5. She's in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. Brittany Ann Says:

    Sending lots of prayers Kati's way!

  7. zaff Says:

    Its almost one year since you had the same title in one of ur posts.

    All the best to your friend and I pray she gets all the strength.


  8. Anonymous Says:

    God - you listening?
    I/We pray. Please health for her Plz.

  9. Hi beautiful ,

    My first time here..
    May your friend find the strength she needs ;-)
    blogdosths .. is an awsome coinage
    is it original ?

  10. Neha Says:

    Thank you everyone, for your prayers and kind words. Kati is still in the ICU and unresponsive. She is no longer on any therapies or treatment and is barely able to recognize anyone.

    I only hope and pray that she's able to recover from this stage.

  11. Yes, let's pray for her. For some reason, I've noted that GOD does listen to me quite often. So I wish from my heart that she gets well soon, really soon :)

  12. What a coincidence that when I was typing the above comment, you were on my blog :)

  13. Neha Says:

    I am with you Neha...will pray for sure..

  14. ani_aset Says:

    prayers for her neha ..lord is there

  15. Farila Says:

    I am survivor of 13 yrs.. and have been with cancer support for past few years. I understand that prayers works wonders at time. I send sincere prayers your friends way. May she recover and give hope to many more

  16. Mrs. Potts Says:

    I hope your friend is doing better now.

    What a sweet friend you are.