I know I have been missing from action for quite a while. And irritating that it may sound, but it's going to be like this for some time now. What happened, why am I not writing....I will answer these and all such questions once I return to this space. Yeah, you can call it a break...but not from writing, but from myself. The thoughts that I write here need to stay within me for some time now for before I give them an outlet, I want to understand them completely.

Fret not, I am my same self, just feeling a little low. Some time with my thoughts and myself and I promise you an array of posts. No, I am not going for long...just a week or two and once I return here, you will have all the posts that I have written or am planning to write.

And yes, the surprises don't end here at all. Those that I promised in my last post continue....with Pushkar & Bala being the first two recipients :). Meanwhile there are awards that I need to take up and other posts that are either half-written or unpublished.

And before I sign out, there's another surprise I'll want to give you :)). In my first new year post, I will send gifts to my five blogdosts who have been with me incessantly till now. And how would I know that....simple....those who regularly comment to my posts are the winners :). BTW, you guys need to give the entire credit for this idea to Nupur. Thanks Nupur...for the wonderful idea :)

Blogdosts, take care....stay precious and have a great time while you prepare for the festive season!

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  1. Winna Says:

    Hope things are all fine. :)
    Have a good time out and come back very soon with all those wonderful thoughts and posts as always...

  2. U are gonna have high waves of success in the coming days, and i hope u r fine.

  3. Brittany Ann Says:

    Oh, we will miss you! Hope everything is OK!

  4. Zainab Says:

    hello kya hogaya.. y u are feeling low? hope everything is fine..

  5. Zainab Says:

    hello kya hogaya.. y u are feeling low? hope everything is fine..

  6. Zainab Says:

    hello kya hogaya.. y u are feeling low? hope everything is fine..

  7. Zainab Says:
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  8. Nu Says:

    oh my my !! I think I've got one gift already from you sweetie :) the mention of my name on your blog koi gift se kum hai kya ? :)

    Well,well...staying with yourself for a while at regular intervals is a great idea..I'm sure you will come back with zing :) Take Care !

  9. Mrs. Potts Says:

    I hope that everything is ok - but I completely understand the need for some time to yourself.

    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Bala Says:

    Hey Neha...

    Hope things are all fine...I hope taking some good time out makes ya feel great...take care...

  11. Melissa G. Says:

    Hi Neha, i just wanted to come check on you and see how you're doing. I hope you're ok. We're kind of worried about you out here! =)
    If you want to email me feel free...
    missylovsjesus at yahoo dot com