I feel humbled by your concern and love, blogdosts. Blogging is an integral part of me now, but more so are you all who make it so special. Last week, when I wrote the last post, I thought I'd keep away from this space for at least two weeks and give some rest to all turbulence and turmoil within me. At times, you just need to let go and that's what I aimed to do. However, I acted selfish and forgot that this little impulsive act can worry people who I hold so dear.

Isn't it so strange? I have not met most of you and in fact, have not even interacted apart from blogger or may be Facebook and networking tools. We live far away from each other....with instances where continents and oceans separate us, yet, we seem so close. When we read about each other and what's happening in our lives, we feel we are right there as a part of each others' lives. There's a special bond we share... a bond so gentle and yet so strong.

When I began blogging, it was to provide an outlet to that urge of writing within me...and today, it is part of my being. My days seem incomplete without Brittany's Not-me Mondays and all posts that are so simple, hilarious and yet, make you think....every day, I look forward to latest pictures of Elizah and Ethan and words of wisdom from Melissa....Nupur's posts make me feel as if it is a part of talking from the other end... Ani's posts personify a simplicity that humbles me....The Hall Family fills me with happiness and joy unbound....Teresa's post instill instant happiness and smiles....Mrs Potts whose posts make the day refreshing....Kelsey's writing rejuvenates instantly and leave me smiling....Winna whose words are so simple and yet so deep...Sarika, who met by coincidence but went on to become a good friend....Jenn who inspires me with her strength and courage...

To all of you and all others who make me feel loved and listened to... Zainab, Bala, Shubhjyoti, Pushkar, Haddock, Antarman and everyone else.... It's the unseen support and our special bonds that keeps me going. And my only request...always be there...I sure am not asking for too much :))

Will post the next surprise before the next week...and for the last post....Winna, mail me your address (I'll send yours and Bala's gifts together!); Shubhjyoti, I'll hand you your gift this coming Monday :)

Till then, blogdosts, take care and stay precious :)


I know I have been missing from action for quite a while. And irritating that it may sound, but it's going to be like this for some time now. What happened, why am I not writing....I will answer these and all such questions once I return to this space. Yeah, you can call it a break...but not from writing, but from myself. The thoughts that I write here need to stay within me for some time now for before I give them an outlet, I want to understand them completely.

Fret not, I am my same self, just feeling a little low. Some time with my thoughts and myself and I promise you an array of posts. No, I am not going for long...just a week or two and once I return here, you will have all the posts that I have written or am planning to write.

And yes, the surprises don't end here at all. Those that I promised in my last post continue....with Pushkar & Bala being the first two recipients :). Meanwhile there are awards that I need to take up and other posts that are either half-written or unpublished.

And before I sign out, there's another surprise I'll want to give you :)). In my first new year post, I will send gifts to my five blogdosts who have been with me incessantly till now. And how would I know that....simple....those who regularly comment to my posts are the winners :). BTW, you guys need to give the entire credit for this idea to Nupur. Thanks Nupur...for the wonderful idea :)

Blogdosts, take care....stay precious and have a great time while you prepare for the festive season!

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