I have been away for some time from this space and that is not without a reason. It was because I was not able to keep my promise and so was determined that I will post only when I'm able to complete what I set out for. And though I have not yet completed the task, I have removed the hurdle in my way. So am feeling better and thus sharing it with you, my blogdosts :).

Do I not make sense? Aah...OK, let me explain. As promised, I went to the orphanage on Sunday afternoon to spend time with children there. I was all prepared for the little competition that I had to organize...with gifts, chocolates, candies...everything. The moment the children saw me, they rushed towards me, calling out 'Neha Didi' (elder sister). I was overwhelmed when they surrounded me telling me what all they had prepared and practised for the competition. Just then, their caretaker arrived saying that I could not spend time with them! I was shocked. She explained there were some changes and now I needed permission from the magistrate, not from the orphanage office alone! I had to return and I hated to look at the disappointed faces of the children and more so, I hated myself for being the cause of it!

Nevertheless, I went to the Magistrate's office this morning, submitted an application and was assured that I will be granted permission...all this in about two and a half gruelling hours. And I detested every bit of it, but the faces of those children made me stay put. I went into the superintendent's room and explained everything. Now, she was one busy woman with a call on her mobile phone with another one on hold on the land line! She managed to wrap up the first call in about 20 minutes and then proceeded to finish the next one in nothing less than 25 minutes. All this while, there was another group of women in another room having tea and gossipping away. So after she completed her important calls, she turned to me, 'So, what can I do for you?' I was aghast. Had I not just explained everything to her before she royally ignored me for those very short calls? Anyways, I kept my cool and repeated the story once again. She replied, nonchalantly, 'So file an application and we will look into your request.'
'Okay, ma'am, where do I need to submit it?'
'You can give it here or at the orphanage.'
'Sure, I will.' And I walked out of her room and asked the peon for a blank sheet of paper. Now, he was the only person with some concern and sense of duty. He gave me a sheet and even asked me to sit comfortably and write. I was more than thankful. Oh, did I mention that Madam Superintendent did not bother to offer me a seat all that while that I was in her room?

So, I wrote the application and waited for another half hour to give it to her. Of course, she was busy attending another important call! After reading the application, she bombarded me with questions giving me no time to even breathe - Which NGO do you work with; why do you want to do all this; where do you live; what activities will you do with the children; what days will you visit; how long your visits will be; where do you work; who told you about the orphanage; do you know anyone working there...and she went on. I tried my best to provide her with convincing answers. And finally, she reread the application and looked up, 'Okay, we will grant you permission.'

Hurrah! Finally! I thanked her and came out of the building, only with a bigger need to vent after all this ordeal... and that I did. Well, I should say, I am doing it all again right here!

However, I am happy. I will be able to keep the promise I made to the children. This has delayed the closure of the Joy of Giving celebrations, but late is better than never, right? So, this Sunday, I will do just that and will share all the smiles with you :)).

Take care and stay precious :)

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17 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    OMG there's a reason why we indians need to work extra to do even good..many have the intention to do things, but such apathy does not help. I would always suggest neha go through an NGO it saves time for you

  2. Neha Says:

    Thanks Ani :)
    And I am speaking with an NGO too. This orphanage is government owned and right behind my home. the children always waved at me whenever I went to my balcony, and so my strong urge to spend time with them whenever I can. I am thankful that I have got permission finally! :)

    Thanks Anil :)

  3. Brittany Ann Says:

    Yay! So glad it all worked out!

  4. Nu Says:

    You are one precious human being on this planet :) I'm proud to be associated with you girl :)

    Whatever bit you are adding to bring smiles to those children is really creditable :)

    Ya, sad that you had to go through that ordeal..but at the end of it you won and that's what matters,right ?

    Stay the way you are and I'm looking forward to some photos of those cheerful flowers which will bloom on Sunday :)

    Good Luck and HUGS :)

  5. Neha Says:

    @ Brittany - Yeah, finally I can visit them :)

    @ Nupur - Thank you so much dear :). It's words like these that keep you working towards what you've set out for. Am looking forward to meeting them this Sunday and will surely post their pictures here :)

  6. Seema Says:

    Great work dear :)Take Care

  7. Neha Says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Neha Says:

    Thanks a lot Seema :)

  9. Antarman Says:

    Good work done! I admire people like you who spare time in their youth for some good work.

  10. shyamal s Says:

    nice passtime..spending time with poor and makes u feel good and important..and rich..

  11. I am so sad about the incidents and the officials you met, they should behave in more responsive manner, glad you didnt give up. My prayers to you Neha


  12. Neha Says:

    @ Antarman - Thanks :)

    @ Shyamal - Well, can't say about others, but it makes me feel happy and content seeing the smiles on their faces and yes, rich with the amount of happiness I get :)

    @ Shafi - Thanks :). For the officials, I had not expected great behavious or response, but again, had not expected it to be this worse. Though glad that it's done with :)

  13. shyamal s Says: of luck for your endeavors..may almighty provide you more happiness and even bigger heart to do enough sacrifices for the good of others, who are under-privileged...

    my blog is: i would welcome your comments.

  14. Melissa G. Says:

    Wow, that was really complicated! Those children will be so blessed that you persisted and wen the extra mile for them! Good job!

  15. Rajeev Koul Says:

    I never knew that i had such a precious mate in my office and could have learnt something from her. God Bless you Neha.