I have made a promise to keep the promises I make here with you, my blogdosts. And I do remember I've promised you so many things and have not kept most of them. But I'm sure you'll let me make up for them now :))

So, here's the first of the few surprises I have for you :). Here is a poem from the many poems I have written...

When I look at the sky,
I wonder its height.
When I look at the stars,
I wonder their count.
When I think of the ocean,
I wonder its depth.
When I look at the high peaks,
I wonder their goal.
When I look at the flowing water,
I wonder its destination.
When I look at the sea waves,
I wonder their force.
When I hear the rustling of leaves,
I wonder their source of music.
When I feel the gentle breeze,
I wonder what they whisper.
When I look at the glowing sun,
I wonder its intensity.
But...when I feel that gentle touch
When I think of the vastness of love..
I wonder of no other
But only one, who was my mother...

This was the second poem I wrote in English. In fact, it was in that phase of life that I came to know that I could articulate my feelings and write.

And now...time for another surprise! And I'm sure you'll love it! It's been a long time that I've known fact, you all are very important parts of my real and virtual world. It took me some time to come up with this idea through which I can express my love and gratitude towards you. So here it is.... from now, till the first post of the New Year (2010), I will send out surprise gifts to the first two blogdosts who comment on my posts :).

Sounds fun? But naah....that surely does NOT mean that you don't comment after the first two are there! I love to hear from you and what you have to say about my posts (Does that make me sound so desperate for comments? I don't mind :D ).

So there you go....don't forget to mail me the address you'd like to receive your gift when you post a comment :)

Till the next post...take care and stay precious :)

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15 Responses
  1. pushkar Says:


  2. Bala Says:

    That's a wonderful way to catch all those who rush through the blog..and then onto something write in a line or two...sounds like me too :D

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Pushkar - Thanks...mail me your address now :))

    @ Bala - Good to hear from you :). To be honest, that was not the purpose (making people read between and all the lines....but now that you've mentioned it, it sounds good too :). And now, mail me your address soon :)

  4. Brittany Ann Says:

    Fun surprises! Love love love your poem!

  5. Nu Says:

    Hey what a lovely poem Neha :) You are good with words no doubt dear :)

    And about first two blogdost to comment..don't you think it's a bit unfair ? You should select dost who read & comment regularly...hai na ? chal reconsider okay ?


  6. Haddock Says:

    When I look at the sea waves,
    I wonder their force.
    ..........something that cannot be fathomed.

  7. Nu Says:

    You are Awarded at my blog :)

  8. Karthik Says:

    That was a very beautiful poem indeed. Nothing can ever replace mother's love.
    Cheerios! :-)

  9. Antarman Says:

    and ode to your mother! and good one!

  10. Hi neha,
    This is 1st time i m on ur blog, its really very wonderful. Your poem is also nice one, I like ur thoughts.

  11. Hi neha,
    This is 1st time i m on ur blog, its really very wonderful. Your poem is also nice one, I like ur thoughts.

  12. Neha Says:

    @ Brittany - Thank you so much :)

    @ Nupur - Thanks a ton dear. And you've given me one more surprise to add to the list that I have....your point taken and will be announced shortly :)...and thanks for all the awards...will take them up soon!

    @ Haddock - True :)

    @ Karthik - Very true

    @ Antarman - Thanks :)

    @ Dinesh - Thank you so much...keep dropping by :)

  13. Neha Says:

    @ The Hall Family - Thank you so good to see you here :). Keep dropping by!

  14. Teresa Says:

    Delighted you popped over to Bainbridge Island Neha!
    Happy Holiday Season!