Before you think that the negativity and sadness in the last post has lingered on with me just a little too long, that's not the case. I have just not been able to get the time to write...and so have also not been able to reply to your comments. Will make up for it very very soon :).

Now to what's been keeping me busy? First, of course work! I'd so love to be at home for sometime with some good books, good TV shows and lots of blogging! Second, it's few other things at the home front calling for my attention and third, it's the lot many marriages that are happening this season. Everyone around me (and single!) seems be tying the knot this season! I just hope my father does not get to know this, else, my winters is ruined!

On another note.....I am happy! Why? Because my landlord finally kept his words and got my place painted! Trust me, this was A TASK! It was something I had been waiting for ever since I moved into this place. So after a year and a half of requesting, coaxing and even threatening (!!!), he finally got it done. I did not, even once, mind my entire weekend going into this laborious and gigantic task...instead, I was busy listing what all I needed to shop to decorate my newly-done place :).

But believe me, this is one mammoth work, and I give all credit to Shivani who gets our home done year after year! From looking for accommodations to coordinating the entire shifting process... and all this all by myself, I have done it all. In fact, I have always listed these as my achievements!!! But this entire painting process unnerved me. Moving the entire stuff (I have a complete household!), preparing for rooms to get washed in new colors, instructing the labor, selecting colors (this was the only exciting part!), testing the shades, supervising.... it was something! Then, I went shopping with my list and came back smiling....I had managed to get the perfect curtains and other decor stuff and I just couldn't wait for the paint to dry and settle in. So after the painting that ended late Sunday evening, I have been decorating and adorning my place bit by bit. Now, the next task on my list is to invite friends over for a brunch! Man...I am excited!!!

And yes, I have some little surprises in store for you, blogdosts. Naah, I'm not letting the kittens out'll have to wait for them :))! And don't worry, the wait won't be too long either. I know this month has been quite a drag in terms of the frequency of my posts...but I just told you who all to blame...right? ;)

Won't let this weekend go dry...till then, take care and stay precious!

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2 Responses
  1. Brittany Ann Says:

    Yay for newly painted walls! Happy for you!

  2. Neha Says:

    Thanks Brittany :)