You get up early morning, feeling a little better than the previous two days and feel quite happy with yourself. After all, YOU do feel better! Come afternoon and sickness is back... engulfing you in its black aura and you start whining again at the look of every other mortal who feels and looks better. Bang On! This is exactly how I am feeling RIGHT NOW! 3rd consecutive day and this is so not fair. I mean...this could have waited. With the festive season on and me having to do loads of shopping for home, this SHOULD have waited! Why, my Lord, Why??? I feel like one of those children being forced (read punished) to stay indoors while all others enjoy a nice game of basketball outside! But the rebel 'ME' will go and get all the shopping done this weekend, sick or not, doesn't matter!

Aah, the weekend also got me a nice surprise, which has me smiling corner to corner. I just got my first award.... Yippieee!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Brittany for the thoughtful gesture. You made my weekend :)

This award also states that I need to list down my 5 current obsessions, and then pass it along to five more fabulous bloggers! here I begin with my list:
  1. It has to be my blog campaign for this month. Every day, I am looking at people around me and thinking if I should give them a chocolate. A friend asked me if I kept a stash of them with me! Well, not a stash really, but am always carrying one or two of them.
  2. The current mood is definitely that of shopping. With the festive season on and the markets brimming over with luring goods are too enticing! It is not my obsession, but yes, thinking of what to gift to so many people does become something like that!.
  3. My health!!! And I'm serious! I have not been keeping too well for some days now. And who likes spending money on doctors and investigations and medicines??? Let me correct myself there....I meant wasting money on all these things. Yeah, I know I got to take care and have been getting way too many lectures on that these days. But name one person who falls sick intentionally!!! (Even if you know someone, don't name!! This point is my biggest defense right now). BTW, I am thinking of marrying a doctor! What say? Well, that saves me a lot, you see :)))).
  4. Hmmm...guess my wardrobe! Yeah, it's been some time now that I am trying to change it. And why the change? It's got to do with my change of dressing. Am I growing old???? I am sure I am! But it's also got to do with the new formal dressing that I have to clad on 5 days a week to office! For me, it's always been what I'm comfortable in and what looks good on me. So I have never been the one to follow the latest fashion trends. But I have always been game for a good pair of jeans with a nice top or tee for any and every occasion. Now, it's getting different. I am experimenting with suits, kurtis, skirts and whatever else I feel great in! Am no more fussy about flares, collars and fits! It's just got to be classy and different!
  5. Food! Yes...and I am serious! I have almost quit cold coffee, chocolates and even gol guppas! Am gorging more on fruits and am even trying to avoid eating out too often. Now, I know reading this will make many of you smile with pride for me! Come on, you can even put in a word or two of appreciation....I deserve it :).

So, that completes the list. And now, ladies & gentlemen, let me take the honor to present this award to five fabulous bloggers...and they are:

While I bask in the glory of my first award, you guys enjoy the week ahead! Have a great time, take care and stay precious!

And yes, I know, I'm publishing this a bit too late. I have been a little out of this space over the weekend...thanks to my wonderful health. But yes, I am also working on my Joy of Giving campaign and will show you the progress tomorrow....pucca promise :))

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5 Responses
  1. Brittany Ann Says:

    THank you, dear friend! You are so kind!

  2. Zainab Says:

    hey congratulations for ur award!!
    n do take good care of ur health.....

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Brittany - :)))

    @ Zainab - Thanks sweetheart :)

  4. ani_aset Says:

    Wow the rule of tagging says that you inform the person you tag :D..will do this one got to be obsessed with your health else you know what can happen :P

  5. Neha Says:

    Ani, I sent you an offline msg about this one. And yeah, this is an award :)