Sorry guys, posted this a little late, but you know who, rather what, to blame for this. Definitely not me! Though thankfully, am feeling a little better today. Got all the tests done yesterday and fortunately, all my organs are working just fine. They just need some oiling and greasing, which the medicines will take care of. My system has never been the sort to follow rules and healthy lifestyle and so the suffering. A friend suggested I have some gol guppas....only an iron can cut another iron, you see! Another one says that I should not quit chocolates, they are the blood for my good health! Isn't that like WOW! Get my doctor to read all this and prescribe as well. Aah, reminds me of my plan to marry a doctor. I promise you the next post on the benefits of marrying one :).

By evening, I was a little better and went out for a walk, when Sarah called (don't remember her? My friend in Mumbai). We kept talking while I strolled aimlessly. Just then a little girl caught my attention. She kept running away from her mother playfully and would bat her eyelids when her mother scolded her. Then, she came close to me and gave me an endearing smile. I smiled back and she ran to me and took my hands. I ended my call and walked towards her. She ran to her mother. I offered her a chocolate, which she took immediately, gave me her charming smile again and then shook hands with me. take a look at her picture and you'd know the charm I'm talking about.

Soon after, I went to get a pedicure done, something I had not indulged in for ages! What a relief it was! I have been going to this parlor for years now and no other can beat their pedicure. It's great and economical too! While the pedicurist worked wonders on my tired and ignored feet, I made up my mind. As soon as he finished, I handed him a chocolate and you had to see his surprise, which he soon overcame and gave me a warm thank you. I gave chocolates to the other staff there and all of them gave me a very sincere and genuine smiles. I walked out feeling happy and content.

So, this was it....made up for the days I missed due to my uninvited illness! And I am glad that I am back on my campaign in full swing.

How about you, blogdosts? I'm still to hear from you. While you soak in the festive season, don't forget to gift someone a smile. :)

Take care and stay precious!

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4 Responses
  1. Brittany Ann Says:

    That little one is precious!

  2. Neha Says:

    Very true, Brittany, and so is her smile :)

  3. ani_aset Says:

    love the kids smile..and great job with this joy of giving thing :)