Had a bad migraine yesterday and that too in office. And that makes me cranky and irritable. Rushed home directly from office and so couldn't give a chocolate to anyone. However, I made up for it early today.

Hiring an auto in Delhi is one big mess. They simply never ask for fair price and then, they come up with whole lot of excuses and grievances when you point out the difference to them. They are one lot of people who have all the trouble in the world and so unreasonable rates are justified for them! I wonder when will the Delhi government do something about them! Nevertheless, beggars can't be choosers and so you have do make do with what these autowallahs ask for!
I, too, had to go through all that when I was hiring one for office today. However, I don't give in to them anymore. Having been in Delhi for quite some time now, I've learnt how to deal with them to an extent. And so after about 4-5 autos, I finally got one who agreed and when I asked him the fare, he simply told me to give him what's reasonable. I fixed a rate and while boarding the auto, he asked me to direct him as he does not know the way. When I reached office, I asked him where was he from and he told me that he was from Bihar and had left his family there to earn a livelihood in Delhi. I paid him the fare and gave him a chocolate, to which he replied - 'Very nice of your, Madam.' I was shocked! 'You speak good English,' I complimented him. He simply smiled and said, 'I always wanted to study more, but destiny makes you do what you never thought of.'

I walked into the office gate in a daze. So much for the education system in India where even degree holders wander for a good job! I guess I was too shocked to ask him for a picture; but, was glad to meet a simple and humble soul in the morning.

PS - I've missed Day 9 too and will make up for it tomorrow. Not been keeping well and rushed home from office soon after lunch today. Hopefully, will feel better to go out tomorrow.

Till then, blogdosts, take care and keep spreading smiles around you :)

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6 Responses

  1. Happiness is not something we should hold on our hands, one needs to spread it; you are doing a great job D........... spreading hapiness

  2. phatichar Says:

    Get well soon..

    Your blog looks really nice.

  3. Neha Says:

    Thanks a lot Nupur :)

    Thanks a lot Shubhajyoti :)

    @ phatichar - why this name? anyways...thanks a ton :)

  4. ani_aset Says:

    this whole campaign does bring out interesting stories..good going

  5. Neha Says:

    True Ani, and it gave me a chance to interact with people I would usually not talk/meet :)