Now, today was an exceptionally long day with me looking at the watch again and again. A client call means having to stay late in office...and that is something I never look forward to. How time changes and so does one self! There was this time when I used to spend 16 hours on an average at work. So much so that people around me used to tease me that I work for it as if it is my sasural!!! And today, it's just how much I should stay and never a moment longer. In fact, now there are so many things I have to look forward to...things and people who make me feel blessed and loved :)).

Now for the chocolate of the day, today I gave it to a person I dreaded as a child. In the shadows of a night, whenever I heard his whistle or the banging of his stick, I would tug deeper in my quilt and cuddle with my mother. Little did I realize then that here was this man who gave away his nights' sleep for the safety of others; who would walk up and down the street tirelessly throughout the night occasionally calling out 'Jaagte Raho'. The phrase (or slogan) is quite a joke among us all, not realizing the efforts of those people who owe its copyright.

When I descended from my cab, I looked around for him. As the night was yet to slumber into darkness, he sat on his chair waiting and preparing himself for the oncoming duty. I called out to him and handed him the chocolate bar. He looked at it and said 'yeh toh bachche khaate hain.' I smiled, 'kabhi kabhi bado ko bhi khaani chahiye.' He simply smiled and turned hitting his stick on the road...more out of habit than any other expression.

Blogdosts, his picture has not come out well due to bad lighting, yet his smile does shine through, doesn't it? :))

Take care and stay precious :)

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4 Responses
  1. सही लिखा है आपने
    आपने चोकलेट देकर अच्छा किया :)

  2. ani_aset Says:

    :) good to give it to people we tend to take for granted at times

  3. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - :) Thanks