A long day, with no rain, only a slight drizzle in the morning. Well, I shouldn't be didn't rain during Monsoons so getting any rain now is a blessing. OK OK.... dear God, I am thankful for these surprise spells, but can we have few more of them... please...pleeeaaaassee!!! 'Be quite, you thankless old girl!!!' Here comes His reply...'old' and 'girl' together...makes me more sad :(((.

It was a special day because of another reason also. It was my younger brother's 20th birthday. As I write this, tears have shadowed my eyes. He was only 6 when our mother left us and since then, he has been more like my son to me. He has taught me the values of patience and selfless love. Even today, when I look at his face when he sleeps, I am reminded of that small little boy who would ride my back and memorize lessons repeating after me. His dimples are to die for and he is the smartest and most handsome brother in the world! (I know every sister has that to say :)). Here's my handsome and cute Ankit :)))... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!

The day went on as usual in office with colleagues planning lunches, parties and even overnight trips. Somehow, there was no zeal in me for I was playing a sporty spoilsport with a 'NO' for an answer to every suggestion! It's fun sometimes. Have you tried it??? It's very easy. All you need to do is say 'No' for every idea and give them a nice and logical reason. Well now, if you like the idea, then please don't do that...but if you are 50-50, then you got to try it. It makes people rack their brains more, come up with different and innovative things and try to persuade you and at times, even plead!!! GOSH!!! How many of my office colleagues are going to read this!!! Darn...I'll get to know their reactions soon!

Now for my chocolate of the day. I was quite confused about who to give the chocolate to today. Needed to deposit a cheque so went to the ICICI ATM drop box and while I was coming down the stairs, I recognized the gentleman sitting on a chair right beside it - the security guard there. Sometime last year, I had dropped a wrong cheque in the drop box and he assured me that he will keep it with him when the person comes to clear the box and call me. That was a Sunday evening and I sure received a call early Monday morning asking me to collect the wrong cheque. This person had no personal motive and was expecting no reward; this was not even part of his job. Today, when I saw him, the incident came back to me and I instantly took out the chocolate from my bag and gifted it to him. I reminded him of his favor to me, while he smiled and thanked me. Here is the man who sure knows to do that extra bit within his restricted job profile.

Day 6 is over and I'm looking forward to tomorrow - a new day, a new beginning, a new cheer, a new smile :)

Till then, blogdosts...take care and stay precious:)

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2 Responses
  1. ani_aset Says:

    you know how much i hate people who say NO to every idea and dont come up with any good suggestions themselves :P

    Good work with the campaign though

  2. Neha Says:

    I's irritating, but a good way to teach these people a time, they don't say a 'no' to you :)