It was a beautiful day, rain and drizzle making it pleasant and lovable. Just one of those days when I want to go around doing chapak chapak in all those puddles that come in my way. A day when I want to let the rain drench me to the skin. A day when I want to enjoy the rains, lost in the sweet smell that comes from the freshly-drenched earth. A day when I want to be 'me' completely!!!

The only twist in this was I had to spend the entire day in office :((.... working and only being able to admire (and yearn for...) the weather from the huge window in front of my workstation. I thought to make-do with a cup of hot coffee, but wishes were to be fulfilled today. With a new vendor in our canteen, the espresso machine has vanished :(((. The day moved on and so did I... occasionally, whining and sulking.

With the evening dawning in, I still hadn't decided who would the recipient of the chocolate for today be. I boarded the cab for home, but needed to get down at a chemist shop, near my place. Then, I hired a rickshaw for home and in that 7 minutes ride back home, with the cool wind tickling my senses, I almost forgot where I was. It was drizzling and when I got down at my home, I realized that the rickshaw-puller's scarf still soaked wet from the rain. At times, I marvel at these people and their laborious and determined way of living. I hate paying an extra penny to the ruthless auto-rickshaw drivers, but when it comes to cycle-rickshaw pullers, I never negotiate or bargain. I've always felt that these people truly deserve that extra rupee or two. They never argue with you, never say no to take you to your destination and they never take a longer route to confuse you or add to their fares. And they would never whine or complain about traffic or the government. They are simple people, hardworking and laborious.

So, I gave a chocolate to this rickshaw-puller today. When I asked for his permission to click a picture, he simply said - 'Le lijiye'.

That was the day that went by. Let's see who do I give a chocolate tomorrow!

How about you, blogdosts? How is the month getting along? How many smiles did you spread around?

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7 Responses
  1. Amandeep Says:

    Had been thinking since the past few days about what is it that's so dear to me that giving it to someone would mean something special...
    Today, i finally figured it out! and the first thing i gave away in this campaign was to my God, and myself -- My dearest (and highly unreasonable) wish/desire, with which i had been nagging Him constantly since ages. Freed Him of those repeated demands and complaints, and liberated myself from those unrealistic expectations... feels so good! :)

  2. Neha Says:
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  3. Neha Says:

    Hey Aman, I'm sure you'd feeling lighter and happier. At times, we have to let go what we have long desired and thank Him for what we have whilie placing trust in Him for what we need. He always gives us the best when we leave the choice to Him :)

  4. आप अपने एहसास को बहुत खूबसूरती से लिखती हैं
    बहुत अच्छा लिखती है

  5. Neha Says:

    Thanks Anil. Appreciations like these motivate me. Keep dropping by :)

  6. ani_aset Says:

    :) nice. also keep in mind to explain the hindi terms.. i read Sasural somewhere in previous posts

  7. Neha Says:

    @ Ani - :) point taken and already being implemented :)