Yes, you read the title right.... I did miss to give a chocolate yesterday. Not because, I forgot, but because, I didn't go out at all. So, today morning found me a little disturbed and thoughtful. I needed to make up my mind about who will I give the chocolate to and I also needed to make up for the day's loss. I sure was feeling guilty of not having been able to keep my resolution...that too just as soon as only the 4th day! So, instead of the usual one, I bought two chocolates!

Then started the difficult task - finding the receiver for the chocolates. I walked from my place till my stop... looking around for a person I'd want to give those chocolates. Somehow, no one appealed as much to me. Reached the office gate, a little sullen and sad :(. Entered office and was greeted by a very enthusiastic 'Good morning Ma'am'! I looked up, smiled and returned the greeting. Suddenly, there was a cheer in my step: I knew who to give the chocolates to!!

Every morning when I enter office, I'm greeted with the same enthusiasm, which infuses in me some zeal and motivation to look forward to the day. There, he would be at the reception, dressed smartly in his uniform along with the sashay and boots, giving his usual welcome smile. His demeanor doesn't look like that of a trained security person, but a gentle human being who enjoys his work (or seems to!). The other day, I was admiring the grand bouquet on the reception table, when he told me how the florist takes great care in making one that lasts for a few days. And every evening, when I would be making a hurried exit from office, I never fail to pass a glance his way, and give him an instant answer to 'Good evening/night Ma'am'.

For making up for yesterday's loss, I had an extra chocolate as my 'fine'. I walked up to the reception and gave the chocolate to the security person and then, then housekeeping guy who was standing close-by. They both gave me a very humble smile with a big Thank You. However, I couldn't take a picture as that would have meant getting them into trouble.

So that was me making up for Day 4 :). But your responses (read the lack of it!!!) makes me sad. Are you not sharing your gifts with anyone? Are you not making that extra effort to gift smiles and happiness around you? Are you not celebrating the Joy of Giving month with me??? :((( Of course, I'll be a little disheartened now. Though I'm enjoying each moment of it, the happiness diminishes on realizing that my blogdosts are not with me. And even if they are, they are not sharing it :(((.

Looking forward to hearing from you, blogdosts! Take care and stay precious :)

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  2. Amandeep Says:
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  3. Mili Says:

    Hey Neha.....even though we haven't been in touch for long, I have been reading all your blogposts and I really love them...I know many people might have complimented you for this earlier, but I would still want to compliment again and admire the way emotion flows from your words. It really touches the heart strings...Keep up the gud work and good luck.

  4. Neha Says:

    Thank you so much Mili. Yes, it's been years we spoke or met, but am happy to know that you read my posts :). Every appreciation sounds fresh and motivates me all the more to write. Writing has always been a passion and my blog gives me an outlet :).
    And yeah, are you celebrating the Joy of Giving month with me?

  5. ani_aset Says:

    :) i did not celebrate with you :D

  6. Neha Says:

    Ani, you being one of my first blogdost should have celebrated it with me :(. No worries, you did keep doing your bit...motivating and helping me all along :)