Sorry, I couldn't post this one last night, lest you feel I forgot about my resolution. It's been a good weekend so far. The afternoon went in visiting my doc, who I have not been able to see since I switched jobs and the evening went in Delhi Haat, a place I can never get enough of! It's all so beautiful there and I have this strong urge to buy it all!! I did get myself a pretty green phulkaari dupatta, something I had been eyeing for quite some time now. This is my Diwali gift to myself!! :D

By the way, I've already done loads of shopping as will be going home after nearly six months. Isn't this strange? I remember my days in the boarding when I used to yearn to be home and now, when I have the option to visit at my will, I am able to do it only twice or thrice in a year! And that too for not more than 3-4 days! My family too seems to have got too used to my being away! The fourth day at stretch at home leaves them asking me - Isn't your work suffering with you holidaying for so long??? Can you beat that!!! And now when I call Dadaji and tell him that am missing him, he asks instantly - 'Is all well??' Of course, yes! Can't I miss him just like that? :(

For my chocolate yesterday, I chose a very simple human being who has been with me for over a year now. She comes religiously every morning, goes about with her work and even does that extra bit to help me while I am cooking or cleaning up. Never complains, though she speaks very little Hindi, being a south-Indian. What touched my heart most was when she got me some idlis and delicious chutney on Holi, when I had a severe migraine attack. Yes, she works at my place and I'd rather call her my helper. When I gave her the chocolate, she gave me her usual very innocent smile and when I asked her for a picture, she posed for them 4 times and actually picked the one for me to post. Here she is, her smiling self:

And blogdosts, I'm still to hear from you about your joy of giving month. You all seem to have vanished. Come on, tell me, who did you gift a smile :)

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6 Responses
  1. Nu Says:

    Hey I love delhi haat too ! And yes once there I would want to buy everything that exist for selling :) hehehe...

    I'm glad you are consistent on your project of giving :)

  2. Neha Says:

    Thanks Nupur :). Did you start sharing something yet?

  3. Nu Says:

    Oh no re..Haven't started yet..but when I do you will know :)

  4. Neha Says:

    I'm looking forward to it :)

  5. ani_aset Says:

    :) with that i finished my pending list of comments on your blog :D what do i get.. :P
    Lovely work neha