I was looking forward to today....for obvious reasons - it being the start of a long weekend :). Started the day with indulging in sleeping till late, then went to watch Wake Up Sid! (Love the contradiction in this statement!) Nice movie, though not the expected KJ type :(. Guess I went in with too much expectations. Never mind, I enjoyed it nevertheless with loads of pop corns and Diet Coke! Hey, don't get thinking...I'm not on a diet...what with a tub of popcorn to accompany a 1-calorie (so they say!!!) drink!

On my way back after a nice day with a movie followed by shopping, it was time for the gifting of the day. Today, I chose the uncle who owns a very old and renowned shop in front of my home. Even before I visited his shop, he would nod and smile whenever I passed his shop. And before I knew it, I made it a point to greet him with a smile and a namaste whenever our eyes met! The goodies of his home-business are a delicacy and his smile & good nature befriends you. He has even introduced me to amla Juice (Indian gooseberry), which I now take religiously.

He is truly a great human being and a gem of a person -

What about you blogdosts? Who did you share joy and happiness with today? I am still to hear from you about it?

Keep spreading more joy to everyone around you and stay precious :).

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